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Apps And I also received a triple platinum award, which represents more than 120 000 sold singlesduring her concert at the Depot last Saturday night. This was the first time that the Tones And I-in our country’s former team. They gave an amazing show, and her unique vocal sound to the audience from the very start opzweepte.

With ” Dance, Monkey breaks the Tones up And I global data records, are also with us and she was less than 18 weeks successively in one of the performing arts. This was the previous one, the ultimate record of your Fixkes in 2007 with ‘Kvraagetaan’ (16 weeks at one stage.

Who’s Tunes And I would like to live, to work, it will get a second chance on Saturday, the 4th of July, because then they’re at the Rock Werchter festival.