More bad news for the fans of The Vlaamse Top 10 van MENT

41b958db6d3207e1e460638863f07643 - More bad news for the fans of The Vlaamse Top 10 van MENT

Observant visitors will have probably noticed that, for the time being I’ll be on the Showbiz Site, the Site is still nothing to be read on a re-recording of ‘De Vlaamse Top 10 van MENT. It doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that we are not attentive, or because of it, for the foreseeable future, a picture that comes up.
The most-recent image with the public dating back to some of november, 2019 at the latest, but there is usually one in the spring, it is a new record. This year, that’s not the case at all. The first recording of ‘De Vlaamse Top 10, it is only on the 6th of July in the Factory.

I love the Marc Hallez of the Document in order to have a reaction and it came quickly. “We were made to feel in the last couple of years, and that the artists of our shots, as a kind of alternative was the creation of a video clip. As a performer, which is a number up to want to present itself to do that, of course, in a video clip. Also, we recommend some of the variation in the profile and the image. Of course, there will still be pictures of the audience. In this way, it is for the industry to have a sense of balance. The artist is invested in a number of a clip, in the full setting, the talk show, in which artists are able to survive in the games, which give them wide to offer them.”

The recording of a tv program, it costs a lot of money, a lot more than just a recording in your own studio. Often, there is a stage to be built, lighting and sound need to be, and there are, of course, the camera’s great, and many, many more. Therefore, the poll to be Bothered to each time, with a locatiepartner to work with. “The way we do so for a number of years working in such Factory. For example, I can already say that there will be a new record comes in a Factory, on Monday, the 6th of July. Also, the distribution of The Loftrompetten is already established, and this year, once again at the Vayamundo, Oostende, on the 10th of november. Currently, discussions with a variety of locations, as soon as any additional news about it, you can read it that fast, and, of course, inform you immediately and your service. The investments will go primarily to the continuation of the innovation project, the creation of live programs, and the development of a new studio programmes, in the line of “100 seconds”. Here again, soon for more news, go to Marc Hallez further.