Michael Moore is mad at the organizer’s Lyre

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One of the artists that are on this weekend, still not a bit mad on Facebook, it is Michael Moore. The lead singer would be Saturday night gig in Lier, belgium, but the party didn’t go through. Among other things Celien Deloof, Rudy Jones, Michael Moore, Sam Gooris, there would be Saturday evening performance. One of the artists showed us last week already know that there is still no payment was made, and that it would not happen again. It was the event to be cancelled. Michael Moore is one of the part of the artists, as he was on Saturday, was angry and wrote that on Facebook.
“I am extremely angry with the people of this unjust abuse like a run on the innocent people, and I told him that it was already the 3rd time that it was my cobble, tonight, no other act can achieve with the calendar field . That is, of course, is the loss, and he needs me to be normal for a compensation pay out….I told him that I am not the zen of money ,but I have to give him a clear, informed…..that’s for my fans and their money must be recovered, and if not, that’s how I got to know from the other side.