Have a drink at the bad mood in the Huizenjagers

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It is also home to Huizenjagers will move this week to the exciting and diverse, the city huizenjagers Paul, Kevin, and me. Who is eligible to apply at the end of the day, as the king of the city for that.

Paul earned his stripes in all of the advertising and hospitality, but it is in the real estate, he is a late bloomer. He is only 1.5 years in the industry, and at the age of 56 he decided to pursue his latest dream to pursue: real estate agent in. If Ieperling was I not born up in the shadow of the cathedral in Antwerp, but Antwerp-based humor of this West-Flanders have been thoroughly mastered. One thing is for sure: he wants to win the game.

Pitbull, Kevin bites for over 12 years in the real estate market. But in his previous jobs in the hospitality industry, it turned out to be a born salesperson. And, Kevin, now lobsters, or houses to sell, he is always in the right uniform. Wear a suit, he goes out for the top spot.

The jolly, Linda, knew from an early age that her heart is in the real estate was located. It’s a secret from her not only her enthusiasm but also the special necklace around her neck. The rock on which it depends, its all the way to the victory.