We’re going to defend a comfortable lead against Willem II

7f2ac76fd4835a9f4c85f285065f2cba - We're going to defend a comfortable lead against Willem II

We’re going to defend a comfortable lead against Willem II

08-march-2020 11:48 am
08-03-20 11:48 am
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Good afternoon and welcome to our Premier-league-liveblog! We have been to Rob Hirschmann, Pepijn Jansen,, and we’ll keep this blog informed of the latest developments in the games of today.


14: 30:
Feyenoord-Willem II 2-0
Heracles-RKC 4-2
16.45 pm:
FC Groningen-PSV

FC Utrecht-Sparta (5-1Feyenoord-Willem II · * * * a couple of seconds, geleden83′ Is a tremendous opportunity for the Team at 3-0, but this time they have Narsingh, the reticle is not in focus. The attacker will be in a position to by a great discharge of Bijlow. The shot will disappear, however, with a half attempt at goal next to the post.Feyenoord-Willem II · 3 minutes geleden80’s shot in the dark, it will not going to make it, but Bozeník by a Lawyer at the end is passed. Özyakup, who is back after an injury, makes his debut in the last ten minutes.Feyenoord-Willem II · a 7-minute geleden77′ Bozeník to let the opportunity to see the game finally in the end to throw at them. The midfielder cuts in the face of Wellenreuther all about the ball to go.Feyenoord-Willem II · is a 13-minute geleden70′ Narsingh in order for the team to have opportunity could not Perhaps have to be replaced. May be he’s hanging around with the Team again, which it is burning, even if it is in The Cockpit and also have almost no to complain about in the 2-0-position.Heracles Almelo-RKC Waalwijk (nl) · 18 hours agothe 66′ GOAL United! 4-2

Burgzorg takes revenge for his side-splitting shot in the dark as previously. The attacker is itself pretty freely, and to send the ball into the far corner. This tap comes to his side, that is, powerless, looks on in the second half, you are normally not at the top.Feyenoord-Willem II · 19 hours geleden63 ” this is A good chance for Willem II in the aansluitingstreffer. Ndayishimiye to shoot from the edge of the penalty area in the zijnet. The concentration seems to be a little too relaxed with the Team, and that will be Lawyer will not be to your liking.Heracles Almelo-RKC Waalwijk (nl) · about 21 minutes ago

60′ Burgzorg vying for the nomination for the ‘miss of the season’. The attacker, who is still looking for his first goal for United, turn it to move the ball to empty goal to set the bar-to shoot.Feyenoord-Willem II · is a 28-minute geleden55′ we’re going to have some gas in reverse, it is a lot of careless in the first half. In the absence of William II currently have the power in order to take advantage of it.Heracles Almelo-RKC Waalwijk (nl) · 32 minutes ago –52′, GOAL United! 3-2

After half an hour, was United with the 0 to 2 behind, but now that the world is for the team to be very different. After stupidly losing the ball on Gaari is given is Mauro Júnior and the ball Of Water, which was his second of the afternoon.FC Groningen-PSV · 37 minutes geledenOok football club FC Groningen and has now among the eleven names will be announced.

Preparation of FC Groningen:
Padt; Itakara, Van Hintum, Te Wierik, Zeefuik; El Messaoudi, Schreck, Van Kaam; Lundqvist, Hrustic, Redan.Heracles Almelo-RKC Waalwijk (nl) · 37 minutes for geleden46 in Almelo, the netherlands, the second half has started. United will not have to settle for a point against the hekkensluiter, while on his side in the battle against relegation is actually the full loot is needed.Feyenoord-Willem II · 39 minutes ago

46′ to The fans, we’re going to be able to just sit back and relax. In the second half and missed for more than thirty years, have no points in your own home with a lead of two goals scored in a premier league match. The last time it happened was on August 21, 1988 against PSV eindhoven (2-2). Now roll the ball back into The Bowl.
43 minutes ago

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Co-sponsored by: TOTO | 18+, to play aware ofthe FC Groningen-PSV · one-hour geledenPSV there Ritsu Doan is coming this afternoon, lots of friends. The Student is in the base, against his old team.


PSV eindhoven is in the city of Groningen. A small reunion by Faber and Doan!💚
#GROpsv @doan_ritsu


AuteurFC GroningenMoment of plaatsen15:17 – march 8, 2020FC Groningen-PSV · – one hour ago

PSV, without the Ihattaren and Gakpo against FC Groningen
MANU should be in the afternoon, without the injured Muhammad Ihatarren, and the suspended Cody Gakpo. I’m still waiting for the installation of FC Groningen in the netherlands.

Preparation of PSV:
Unnerstall; Dumfries, Schwaab, Viergever, Rodriguez; Madueke, The Rosary, Hendrix, Doan, Thomas, Lammers.
Heracles Almelo-RKC Waalwijk-four hours ago,to Rest: 2-2

After a very entertaining first half, in the sound of the rustsignaal in Almelo, the netherlands. The four goals were spread over two teams.Feyenoord-Willem II · one hour ago, theRest: 2-0

Even though it is on paper a tough game, it seems like the we’re going to have a trouble-free afternoon for you to be. A goal of Toornstra and took advantage of a penalty from the mountain house stands in the mid-2-0.Feyenoord-Willem II-one hour ago

The 45′ By two goals is a mountain hut, now shared top scorer in the Premier league. It was due in part to a missed penalty by Dessers, when Heracles-RKC.Heracles Almelo-RKC Waalwijk-four hours ago –a 35′ GOAL United! 2-2

What a comeback by United! Of the of the Water, scores, and hence parts of the second half and within four minutes in the 0 to 2 – -to catch up.Feyenoord-Willem II-one hour ago –35′ GOAL in the Club! 2-0

Mountain house is going to be behind the ball, and that is a zekerheidje. After the two took advantage of a penalty in the bekerduel with STOKE city, he is also the Willem II goalkeeper Wellenreuther won’t stand a chance from the spot. The team also seems to be following in the afternoon a long time to stay in the first Division, under the Lawyer.Feyenoord-Willem II-one hour ago –33′ Penalty for the Team.

We’re going to get the chance to make it 2-0 out of it. Saddiki is given by del ball, a man Perhaps in his arms and the ball goes to the corner.Heracles Almelo-RKC Waalwijk-four hours ago,up to 30, GOAL United! 1-2

What an entertaining first half in Almelo, the netherlands! Two minutes after the 0-2 Of The About with a header from a corner in the aansluitingstreffer.Feyenoord-Willem II-one hour agoup to 30 GOAL Season! 1-0

This is where the opening goal for the Club. Toornstra is controlled by the Malacia, and place the ball with a lot of feeling into the far corner.Heracles Almelo-RKC Waalwijk-four hours ago –28′ GOAL for his side! 0 to 2

Where in United a chance on the opportunity, showing his side is very effective. Tahiri’s right beat the keeper Blaswich is in the far corner.Feyenoord-Willem II · one-hour geleden28, ” A first-speldenprikje of William II. Köhlert get a deep ball, just not at the time under control and beat the keeper Bijlow at the time, you can grab it.Feyenoord-Willem II-one hour ago

20′ we’re going to have the reins firmly in their hands, even though the team is still not a large chance to create. It is the most dangerous time, it was a very sharp man of the mountain hut on the Haps, which is due to Willem II at the last minute removed it.Heracles Almelo-RKC Waalwijk-four hours ago, itis a 15′ GOAL for his side! From 0 to 1

Where Dessers just now, on the other hand, have failed to, turn the Same time of the Incident, however, is increasing. For his side, last week, for a stuntje made by FC Utrecht to beat it, is so much of a surprise to be ahead at Almelo, the netherlands.Heracles Almelo-RKC Waalwijk-four hours ago,on 15-second Penalty for his side!

An unfortunate handsbal of the About gives the hekkensluiter of the Premier league with a penalty on it. Of the About also given a yellow card.Feyenoord-Willem II · one-hour geleden11 Two corners in a row for the Team, but in a lot of danger, it doesn’t. The goalkeeper Wellenreuther punching the ball away and the shot distance of the Karsdorp will be compromised.Heracles Almelo-RKC Waalwijk (nl) · a 2-hour geleden9, ” It is little wonder that United are still not in the lead position. This time, it becomes Kiomourtzoglou to raise the bar.Feyenoord-Willem II · a 2-hour geleden7′, and The game is silent for a moment, because mountain house has been injured on the field. The captain is a short-term treatment, however, have to move on.Heracles Almelo-RKC Waalwijk (nl) · a 2-hour geleden6′ Dessers miss this one!

The top scorer of the Premier league doesn’t have the sixteenth of the season. The Belgian hit the outside of the post.Heracles Almelo-RKC Waalwijk (nl) · 2 hours ago there isa 5′ Penalty for United!Feyenoord-Willem II · 2 hours ago

Even in The Kuip be on the alert for the corona virus.Heracles Almelo-RKC Waalwijk (nl) · a 2-hour geleden1 in Almelo, the netherlands, is the potential. As the first addition to the participation in the play-offs for European football, a try for his side in the last resort, to engage in the fight against relegation.Feyenoord-Willem II · a 2-hour geleden1, ” There is the potential for in The Cockpit and the duel between the third-and-five from the Premier league. May be we’re going to the gap with Ajax and AZ are back up to six points?2 hours ago

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Co-sponsored by: TOTO | 18+, to play a consciousFeyenoord-Willem II · a 2-hour geledenOver for more than twenty minutes of rolling the ball into the Bucket.



AuteurWillem IIMoment of plaatsen14:07 am – 8 march, 2020FC city of Sparta · 2 hours ago

FC Utrecht will give bekerzege on Ajax, followed by large gains in the Race
FC Utrecht to win against Ajax in the semi-finals of the TOTO, THE mug is of a good sequel is given. The Domstedelingen have made it a half a long time a problem with the Race, but after a rest, they are the People in the test: 5 to 1. Bart Ramselaar (2), Simon Gustafson and Sean Klaiber scored on behalf of the team. Joel Piroe provided as a substitute for the couple of eretreffer.FC Utrecht-Sparta · 2 hours ago itwill be over! FC Utrecht walst in the second half of the Race to go and win 5-1.FC Utrecht-Sparta · 2 hours ago89′ GOAL in the Race! 5 to 1

Joel Piroe to do something on behalf of the Race. He slides the ball out for a counter, quietly beside them for hours. It is nothing more than a eretreffer.FC Utrecht-Sparta, · a 2-hour geleden86′ of FC Utrecht has the hunger to score more goals. Peterson will have an opportunity to be disallowed goal is still on the board, but he hit the ball good.FC Utrecht-Sparta · 2 hours ago80′ – Goal disallowed for FC Utrecht.

Kristoffer Peterson has scored, but the goal is disallowed due to an offside.FC Utrecht-Sparta · 2 hours ago

With a dry bang, created the Sean Klaiber was just his fourth goal of the season. This is improving as he set a personal record, because up to now, he scored more than twice in a season.FC Utrecht-Sparta, · a 2-hour geleden76 Of Overeem was 6-0 to make it. He can hit the ball after a good combination with binnenschieten, but don’t let that post. He hits the ball completely wrong.FC Utrecht-Sparta, · a 2-hour geledenWordt this is the biggest home win in the Race once for FC Utrecht? On november 30, 2007, was 7-1 for the Domstedelingen.FC Utrecht-Sparta · 2 hours ago –72′ GOAL for FC Utrecht! 5-0

Sean Klaiber by the best part of the afternoon so far! He’ll hit hard and do not touch the outside of the box. It is, however, a very unpleasant afternoon for the Race.FC Utrecht-Sparta, · a 2-hour geledenJohn of the Moped has quite a good time this afternoon, and it’s now a club with a 4-0 advantage.

⏲️ 42′ 1-0
⏲️ 50′ 2-0
⏲️ 51′ 3-0
⏲️ 59′ 4-0


AuteurFOX SportsMoment of plaatsen13:45 pm – march 8, 2020FC city of Sparta · 3 hours geleden66 ” If the Race is still to come back in the afternoon, then opportunities such as this one by Patrick Joosten (thanks to FC Utrecht in there. He was given the ball on a silver platter by Jeroen Zoet, but he shoots over.Back to top

Image: A Pro-Shots


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