Tonight is the start of The Mole

Tonight is the start of The Mole

Last Sunday, the candidates of The Mol is presented in a special edition of The Café de Mol’. Tonight, then, is it really that far and pull with Gilles De Coster of ten is still unknown to the people of Greece. Nine common candidates for single-saboteur ‘The Mole’.

Greece will be the starting point for The ‘Mole’. As in Greece, a lot of Flemish tourists, he and the crew of ‘The Mole’ from the main tourist attractions as much as possible. Once there was a Fleming, who thought that he and Gilles De Coster will be recognized, but Gilles responded in English, and pretended that the man was wrong.

Alina, Bart, Bruno, Christian, Dorien, Alder, Gillis, Jolene, She and Salim will be on tonight and tested on their knowledge of it. One of them is ‘The Mole’? One of the questions that we stuck with it, if there is, tonight, to effectively all of a person? The Mole is already something in store for you in order to be the first to fall, still have a chance to do so? “The Mole,” you know, but they never are.

It’s up to you where you are, tonight, live, looking at is Blind, Married, Two to the sixth power, or The Mole? For the Mole this evening at 19.55 hrs to FOUR years old.