The potential for the contamination of Corona in The fly

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Now on Monday the 9th of march, The MOSQUITO, to 21.40, a unique look at the process from an initial potential for the contamination of SARS-CoV-2, also known as the corona virus in Belgium. In the beginning of February, at 22.18 hrs, it is all hands on deck in the emergency department of the ZNA Stuivenberg. For a patient who may be infected with the virus will be brought in. The patient lived for three weeks to a month in Nanning, a city in the southern part of China, and was visiting with family and friends. Once it landed, it started with the man in question is sick.

In this case, we did not have a clear explanation as to why the patient has a griepaal syndrome”, and it tells spoedarts Kurt. “Have the Influenza test came back negative. There were no ontstekingsparameters in the blood or signs of a lung infection. So, we had to go in search of some other virus that it is possible it could have been.”
The fly that follows the patient from the time he was brought to the emergency department to the news and whether or not he is infected with the corona virus. “The samples to the reference laboratory of professor Marc Van Ranst be sent to the only laboratory in which the testing can be done. The samples are taken, sent, analyzed, and then we get the result,” said spoedarts Kurt. If the steel is once it has gone to the university hospitals of Leuven, breaking, exciting hours on on the patient.