Stef Poelmans presentateert washed Limburg, Singing

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What could be better than men at the same time, to sing at a place in their home town? It creates atmosphere and belonging, and it is a lot of fun to do. The general public is central to everyone (young and old) singing along to popular songs. Especially in the Netherlands, but occasionally also in other languages. Everyone who participates will receive an on-site zangkrantje with all of the song lyrics. Limburg, Singing has been a part of Flanders, Singing, and with 50 locations and is the largest zomertoer of the country.

This year, Limburg, Singing make a new start with a new formula, in which the public and local governments have become more involved. It will be even better, but also more exciting. As organizers, or members of the municipalities of the province of Limburg, Sing, organise can be a trophy to win, as they are the best songs of the municipality of the province of Limburg, be. They will have a chance to win a trophy as well as a stunning surprise.