Does He escape in the prison of Bruges?

8564d6b887760c3b605b783359893665 - Does He escape in the prison of Bruges?

The ‘magician, Nicholas Arnst, well-known from, inter alia,’ Belgium’s Got Talent,” and his own television program “Six” on tv, has come up with a live show in a very special location: the Penitentiary Complex Bruges, belgium. The prison, located in the britsom & verheye nv legeweg to St Andrew, is considered to be one of the largest in Belgium and has approximately 625 inmates.

In preparation for his new theater production, “Decipiatur” (Latin for “deception” or “trickery” is planning Six different try-outs in the cultural center, and other theatres. His final try-out for the opening night on the 28th of march at the very successful Bruges city Theatre) takes place in the toneelzaal of the city prison, a group of some 60 prisoners. He enters into the life of Harry Houdini, who, in the past, various cells are used as the location for its verdwijntrucs. This showed itself frequently in the area, save for in the eyes of the press, and to escape from the most secure cells around the world. In Brussels, everything went wrong, when Friends are no more shows, played in Belgium, and went over to Germany.