Veronique Leysen candid about the c-section

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Veronique Leysen was last month, mom, and it was a very emotional moment. Emotional because of the baby Jesse up with an emergency c-section in the world, including, therefore, all the disadvantages of a c-section.
The wife of Thomas Vanderveken had shared earlier in the week and have a very frank message that they are overcome with the image of the mom to be. Certainly, in her recent c-section, so it was a test of strength. “I had a feeling as if a truck was hit by a car, ‘” writes Veronique on Instagram.

Moms who have a c-section and have experienced it, can it, for instance. That is, it is not the most pleasant, but sometimes there is no alternative. On Instagram, posing, Leysen, then her and Jesse in the hand and stomach, as if she was six months pregnant. Not only that, the belly is still there, Leysen had to deal with (leaking) blaaskatheder, and should even be able to wegwerponderbroeken to wear. Now, as the underwear of her husband, Thomas well-being. That’s not to mention the diapers, if they themselves had to change. Mom is nice, unfortunately it’s not one long dream has come true. Veronique Leysen was pleased to see that it is already after three days, independent of her bed, and was able to come out and just be around the staff. They now have a permanent scar – and they call it a tattoo, is they have fun with it.