So stubborn, Dorien Reynaert

83967ac29cd5b469b663adb021f82b09 - So stubborn, Dorien Reynaert

Dorien Reynaert holds it to its limits. And she is also quite stubborn, tells the story of her grandmother, Cora, in the Story. After completing her studies in event management and drew, Dorien Reynaert go to Paris to see her with a French Polish. “I went to work as an au-pair girl,” reveals the actress, who we all know from The Buurtpolitie, and now a Family. When she traveled to Paris, hoping there is only one thing: that it’s not a rotverwende children. But that was just for them.

“The first thing we saw when we arrived: a messy apartment with it’s gi-gan-deal with a mountain of toys. And everywhere, there was a lot of noise.” Grandmother, Cora, who is Dorien went off and thought that Dorien to run back to the house, it would be: “But she was too stubborn. She is in it for two months and still they called me to come pick it up.” And that’s where Dorien is a very good reason for this: “they didn’t get it with this family and the dad was just a little too good for me.”