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One has opened on Thursday for the first time, the Flemish, the First dates restaurant. Each episode will teach viewers a very diverse group of singles to know, and to search for true love. The nerves and jitters that come with a first date, are very, very familiar.

It is assisted by the permanent restaurantstaf learn how to help each other out during a romantic dinner get to know them and get them in their heart of hearts see it, in the hope that the spark is skipping. After their First date, decide whether to help or they want to meet you on a second date. Shoot the Horse touch it… or he misses his target?

The band for the next week:

We (24) is located in Lokeren Sunday, march 9th)
The 24-year-old, We come from the Midlands, and is currently in her final year of clinical psychology. She was born with a visual impairment, so they are out of view, only a tenth of a view. Therefore, they will not be driving it in the cinema, always in the front. Everything is currently running smoothly, in Kiara’s life, but only in the love, want to it still doesn’t work. She is the best, critically, when the love comes, there should be a ‘click’.
Kiara is a great big Game of Thrones fan, and keeshondjes that its pressure is working. All you have to do well to date Very loves Game of Thrones and a keeshondje. Common interests don’t want.