A mysterious mission impossible in the Beat, and the VTM

b9c7e45db7afdb29e4d9896068c0ec76 - A mysterious mission impossible in the Beat, and the VTM

“My name is Bond. Carl Even More.” With that ruling, did Koen Wauters at the kick-off to delivery of the BEAT, and the VTM that he was ready for the challenge. This is a challenge that is just as exciting and mysterious. The hypersportieve Thomas (30), both of Kessel-Lo defies Carl on Monday, march 9, for a “mission impossible”. And it’s all because, on the day of their finaleduel to know both what the job exactly entails. Ability to cope with stress, and nerves of steel are needed in order to make the mission a success.

Thomas drew his inspiration for this challenge from his father, a retired paracommando, and are a great example of this. Stories about different missions for the para’s, Thomas’ imagination is always stimulated. “I would like to see where my limits are, and my father’s pride,” and what it sounds like.

Carl and Thomas are in their final contract that has been prepared by two experienced rot in the Special Forces. For he is that to Sander Aarts, the Dutch James Bond, who wrote a book about his adventures. Geerts, coach was part of the Belgian Special Forces, but it would have been the anonymity of storage. The skills that Carl Thomas and through them, taught to, are very diverse. They will have to free himself from the handcuffs, and the doors to force in a camouflagepak to make and use it, sneak in, observe, and explore. The typical skills that are mostly acquired in the special forces, or spionagediensten.