Influencers – Sunday, the new FOUR

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Anyone who is familiar with the WereldWijdeWeb know, for the #foodies, #vloggers, #followme, and #instaTravellers, which has already forced people to have their channels show up. In the “Influencers” are – on a daily basis – the dragon and stabbed it with the people who are using social media to try to present it as such. In this way, they are a very, very successful up to their own eternal #InstaFame on the internet. In their foolish attempts to get into the taste of fall, and the struggle to create a record of the number of likes, and the stupid limits they are trying to push, as well as delicious but they are will make it #funnysketches in the other thread. But, how silly, and funny, too, sometimes, and for that they deserve our compassion. Because it Influences a little bit about the people who, like so many others, want to make a difference in this life on earth, and want to be counted due to small print of their lives.

The characters are all played by a fine ensemble of comedic actors, and great old combined with new, exciting talent. Hakim Chatar, Rik Verheye, Louise Bisscop, Joke Emmers, Eva Binon, Stijn Steyaert, Tom Audenaert, and Andrew Van Ostade.
Influences from the 8th of march is also fully translated the Play from the Provider. Want to be faster to get acquainted with the different characters you can from the 1st of march, visit of the TV-theek Telenet TV for additional videos.

Debsy (28), short for Deborah, it is a pretty rosy girl, still in her filthy-rich parents, and lives… You could say that it is Debsy, a little bit spoiled as it is. She has a special purpose in life: she wants to be, he says, and zàl a successful influencer can be. She is helped by her best friend (aka one of your requirements There, which are basically all of the tough jobs have to deal with that. Debsy has not much of followers, but they have 50.021 followers, but that is the 50,000-Indian followers that her father has bought are not good.
Debsy has moved on with her life in a golden cocoon that she lived so they are very much in touch with the real world. She tried to be a happy and exciting life is to be simulated, are so pathetic that it is hilarious, that is. And her ‘inspirational quotes’ to bear witness, not really a big wereldinzicht.
Debsy: Stijn Steyaert, There: Louise Bisscop

In Influencen is not dependent on age… It is the best proof of this gives @De_Bommaaa. The grandma is coming out to the 90’s, but this is the brave and clever lady, is still méé with all the online, social and hip. Madeleine, tweet, get, chat, gramt, liket to port it, go for it, and all of that is in her room, in her home. Each and every week for the joy they have in the world is her home “for The week doesn’t”. Although this is not always a simple matter, because of its habitat, as well as in the home, it is rather limited. And many, many friends that allows them to #Challenge or #Pranks out of it, she should be on a regular basis is forever good-byes.
The Granny Rik Verheye

Tjörven (14) is an ordinary teenager, who most of all would like to play outside, or play with a group of friends. Ever since the first time in the world to be gathered to his parents, Elsie and Selling, and the lives of their oogappeltje. Each and every fart when he was a baby, every step of the toddler, each and every a funny slip of the tongue or the side-splitting crash of Tjörven found its way onto the internet. Unfortunately, it will Tjörven, and now, in full puberty, not all of them are happy to cooperate, and to be embarrassed, he will often, for the behavior of their parents.
In contrast to Debsy out, So it has Tjörven some followers. The likes will be closely watched by his dad Franky. If the numbers fall slightly, it will drastically be done. For the followers of the revenue for the future.
Tjörven: Andrew Van Ostade, Anim: Tom Audenaert, She: Eva Binon

She, Thea, and Ivanka, are the three colourful and stylish millennials who self-describe as entrepreneurs and business owners. Each and every week, run them with a ‘brilliant’ business model, which will not be less than “the greatest of the hole-in-the-market” ever since the invention of the mobile phone. By using the online promotional campaign, they want to have their enthusiasm for the new concept for their pop-up store is to share with the rest of the world. Unfortunately, if it becomes apparent during the making of their video that ” that’s the biggest gap in the market to be filled, to come up with ideas that will have the light of life better, hadn’t seen it. But don’t worry, because the @de_entrepeneurs are cracks in every week for new ideas.

Her: Louise, The Bisscop, Thea, Joke Emmers, Ivanka: Eva Binon