Additional performances of snow white the Musical”.

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A lot of well-known faces, were Sunday evening guests in the the first Theater Elckerlyc, which is where the red carpet was rolled out for the grand premiere of ‘snow white the musical”. After “Cinderella” and “Sleeping beauty” makes the Deep to Bridge to a brand-new, contemporary version of the well-known fairy tale. And that was – quite literally – in a loud shouting manner.

Many Stany Crets, director, March of the Wood, the choreographer, Thalisa Mintiens, and by Ad van Dijk ” how the former Teen-Hero, and radiopresentatrice Maureen Vanherberghen as the main character, the stature, gave it to one of those in the musical, falling in love with a butcher, prince Aaron, to The Veene. Queen of Sweden and her servant in the Firmware, which is played by plenty of natural light, as Well, and Laurenz Hoorelbeke, got them laughing immediately, with their hands. Charlotte Campion is a Mirror and the dwarves Flinker, and Stinker, played by Steve, The Creator, and the result-me Thomas On the Back, for extra comedic notes.

Afterwards, everyone was very enthusiastic about the show. “I have thoroughly enjoyed this production, and I’m very proud of Maureen, along with all the members of the cast, yet. With a modern, snow-white, with a lot of humor and jokes for both young and old. It’s been an up-and-top-familiemusical to become, where you’ve finished outside, with a big smile. It was a real stone is awesome,” says Lena’s husband Sieg De Doncker. Also, the actress Lize Feryn, enjoyed to its fullest: “Great. A good laugh and good for me to watch,” and they were almost the same words of fellow actress Ruth Beeckmans: “Dees was pretty good. Amazing how much humor there is in this work, and what they have done.” In addition to the strong vocal performances of the cast, and the ensemble, and the fun choreography, it was due to the premièrepubliek are especially a lot of fun. Mark Tijsmans summed it up afterwards, hand in hand. “The humor in “snow white the musical,” may be compared to an onion. You have to slowly peel away leaving a lot of layers to discover.”