The last blind auditions in The Voice Kids

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Over the last few weeks were an average of about 900,000 viewers, good for a 39,2% share of the market (VVA 18-54) and 46,7% in the young target group of VVA 18-44 (live+delayed) – will be surprised by the powerstemmen-in-The-Voice-Kids. On Friday, the 6th of march, the coaches, Laura Tesoro, Sean Dhondt, Q3, and the Investors Party to the very last one to audition. One last chance to take the empty spots in their team to fill in. During the fifth Blind Auditions, it is a very surprising guest star played by Ruth Beeckmans. The 14-year-old, Just out of Vosselaar will be taking, namely a visit from “the angry neighbor” which is to interfere with his infernal noise. We are happy that Ruth, the good news is that for Just in your pocket…

These talents will be singing in the middle of the top of the final Blind Auditions:
1. J Nuyts (14, Vosselaar) is playing drums since he was 9 years old. “You know, I’m not much of a great performer, you hear the sound of it. Fortunately, he gets his audition to Jailhouse Rock by Elvis Presley, and all of the coaches in the dance.
2. Claire Corsten (12, Vilvoorde, belgium) described her attempt to be with My Boy of the Year, Eilish. As soon as the stage entered by the coaches at the end of the cut, over it. Especially Laura, gets everything out of the closet. However, when two dogs fight for a bone…
3. Freya Pauwels (13 A, Stekene, belgium) was 2 years ago, it is already a part of The Voice Kids. “I was ready to get a bit of noise in the song to record it.” To succeed, they are now in it with Someone You Loved, Lewis Capaldi?
4. Lentel Both Of 12, He is (according to her parents, with a real spring in ‘t veld) in the Morning, she is up before dawn in order to TikTok-video. They are trying, the kids will have to deal with a Lullaby Or Birdland by Ella Fitzgerald.
5. Rani Schoonens (11, strombeek-bever), sing and dance all day long. During the training session at the school, she gets a visit from the Sieg De Doncker, that is great news and has made… Rani does have to audition to be on alert, Anne-Marie.
6. Sarah Ullens (13) Of Brussels, belgium) is a sporty girl who can surf and play hockey to play. Her little sister is a big fan of Q3, and thus, Sarah is that the women will turn around during her audition on the best of Ed Sheeran.
7. Endrew Tulpin (13) Of Oudenburg) were subscribed by his friends, and his fan club are also brought in for his audition on ‘Over The Rainbow’ by Israel Kamakawiwo ” ole. His unique deep voice, is transformed instantly to a look of astonishment on the faces of the players.
8. Yasmina Elayane (And 14 Mile), has alopecia areata, a condition that leads to severe loss of hair leads to. Music is an ideal outlet. “I always try to see it through, and my dream is to go to”, you hear the sound of it. They do this by Do I Wanna Know? from the Arctic Monkeys.
9. Since that time, Kellens (14, Account)) hold on, Slayer, Nirvana, and metalmuziek. For her alternative style and she’s got her daddy when he was growing with it. During her audition I was going to be a little less firm on, Let It Be by The Beatles.
10. Aenea Grignard (12, Is Situated) and would like a singer to… or a heart surgeon. “I think it’s nice to have stuff to cut out, and the human body, it is very interesting, you hear the sound of it. And sing she does on Friday idontwannabeyouanymore of the Year, Eilish.
11. Way Erauw (14, Kaprijke has a great passion for dancing. That bug was given, they have to tackle, thanks to the K3. Carrera has been since she was 2 years old and a huge fan of the girls. Press the F3 into place for Dear Future Husband by Meghan Trainor?
12. At Lambilotte (13) Of Montenaken) doing a dance, and it has been quite a lot of stage experience. “But in the solo singing on the stage is totally changed,” she says. She hopes to get the public to be able to emotioneren with Supermarket Flowers ” by Ed Sheeran.