Danny Fabry celebrate

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On the radio, you can hear his latest single, “Movie Star” on a regular basis to pass through, and this is something Danny Fabry satisfied with it. The lead singer is a half-century on the boards, and has been singing and performing was still not tired, quite to the contrary. Danny Fabry’s are not made to sit still, organize the singer’s events. On Sunday, the 9th of August, there will be a large verjaardagsshow, which, this year, in a big tent in the parking lot of the Thierbau in Torhout. This year, such as the Marina, the Wally Frank (san Valentino), Marco Krimsen, Filip D Haeze, Sha-NA, Michael Lanzo, Garry Hagger, This is a sight to behold, and The Romeo will be a party of action.