ZEB goes on Asian tour with the PLACE. by Eline De Munck

efbd7d9705c97fbde1b4ef65a51291a7 - ZEB goes on Asian tour with the PLACE. by Eline De Munck

Eline De Munck went to Asia for inspiration for her latest collection, PARIS. The result: a collection that is, in the eye, and the heart leaps. The ‘fugitive of the Asian life-with one on each corner of a market stall, a small company that I find to be very inspiring.’
As we have over the past few years, the one I want to learn about Eline De Munck, it is this: they can choose to never be an easy road, and they are never the same. For the latest CITROËN collection as it went to The Nova’s atmosphere, a taste of the lively, Far-East, Bangkok to be exact.

The result is an absolutely stunning and colorful collection in of high-end pcs. The collection’s Oriental-inspired, both in terms of colors, shapes and style. “I love you from the hustle of Asian life, where everyone is an entrepreneur,” says power, lady, to meet her.

Thus, the pattern for the Ginkgo leaf is often. In Japan, it is the oldest tree in the world, a god is worshipped. He is a symbol of hope, love, timelessness and a long life. The magnificent Crane was given a place in the collection’, the animal which symbolises health, well-being and happiness. Also, the print-out of the seaweed stand out. But how flowery and some prints as well, to meet her is a good way to the romantic dresses and the bubbly outfits. Each one of these are statement pieces that are bold and bossy are.