“For 50,000 fans, and W817 movie is coming!”

e737dc32f6b077069033c2cd0fe13e9a - "For 50,000 fans, and W817 movie is coming!"

This morning, the cast of the legendary Teen-series W817 is a guest at the CHARITY. They’ve brought great news with it: there are plans for a W817 movie, but the cast first, with the help of fans around the world. In the scenario, it has been more than a year of work, the entire production process has been prepared, the cast and crew are ready and the venues have been booked. However, the movie is just like the 50,000 fans in between 4 march and 4 april to buy a ticket. The proceeds of the advance; the funding of the film. The film will also be made for this to 50,000 fans turned up. Between the 2nd and the 11th of October, will be in the movie, only for them to be seen in cinemas of the Kinepolis all over Flanders with a lot of extras, and an exclusive visit of a few of the cast members. The film is aimed at teens, twenty-somethings and thirty-somethings who, with the help of growing up. If the threshold of 50,000 tickets, would not be met, all of the advance sale, free of charge, will be refunded to the fans, and it is not there.

“In 2017, we had W817 for a few sold-out Sportpaleizen for the 20th anniversary of the result. Thousands of Ketnetters when singing at the top of their lungs along with songs like “She will eat a pita”. The reaction of the fans of the first hour was overwhelming, and the questions of a reunion continued to arrive. We are filled with enthusiasm to working with the needs of our fans, and now we count on their help to make this amazing project happen.” according to the all-star cast of W817.

The program is jongerenreeks W817, which ran from 1999 to 2003, in the result, but it will be today again. The generations that grew up with the hugely popular series. W817 takes place in a student residence where a number of young people living with a partner. The series has brought an original mixture of absurd comedy, are often quite serious themes. The movie is going to be no different. One of our favorite kotgenoten 20 years of age. However, they also have a 20 year wiser?