As to the fusion from Expedition Robinson

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Camp in the South won in the last eliminatieproef in Expedition Robinson. “This is a peak at exactly the right time,’ said Nell. However, in the end, to camp in the North in order to someone’s way of voting. Eva Was a surprise? For her, it was that’s for sure. They will be given a chance to Wraakeiland, but it should be clear what is achieved by the mindgames of her ex-kampgenoten.

In the meantime, sent She, with, Dennis, for the third time in a man’s house. She’s not going to stop, or start too, and it’s only his hair moved to the games? The two camps are starting to groan under the most physically gruelling elimination race. We’re just about two weeks away, you can.

The purpose of the following eliminatieproef, the inmates all have to make some choices. Natassia and Nell realize that they don’t vote for them. We know that there is a Camp North of a doubt, it was between Herman and Eva, so Eva is the way it is? Irritated, she is still an enthusiastic doctor? You will need to continue to prove themselves in the next test.

And it is the eliminatieproef, and the fire is more than just a period of time before joining?
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