The legendary band Kansas is coming to our country

9e6097e552ec878a48e82b27376c810d - The legendary band Kansas is coming to our country

After a highly successful Point of Know Return, ” Anniversary Tour of the United States of america returns to Kansas city after a long absence, back to a passage in the Royal Circus in Brussels on October 31st, 2020!

In addition to the full performance of the iconic album ” Point of Know Return, a promise they have already put all of their greatest hits and fan favorites to the stage during more than 2 hours of the show.

With a legendary career of four decades of behind-the-back, and have Kansas city be more than a claim to the united states rockfirmament. This “garage band” from Topeka (in Kansas, of course, brought back in 1977, the album “Point of Know Return, featuring the smash hit Dust in the Wind, which is single in millions and millions of times over-the-counter, but there are also other favourites such as’ Portrait (He Knew), Closet Chronicles, and Paradox. Soon, it was ” Point of Know Return well, for as much as six million units sold, the most successful album of the band.

Tickets for the KANSAS ” Point of Know Return-Anniversary European Tour will go on sale on Wednesday, 4/03 at 10 a.m., via VIP packages are also available at the