Frederick has bought the Hummer from David Copperfield

a6bc1c417307b3710ee38b12736a949d - Frederick has bought the Hummer from David Copperfield

Frederick takes on Wednesday night, part of the trekkertrek meeting in Itegem, with his Hummer. ‘Machines, force, noise, power, Anuna, The Truth-proof’, he laughs-in-The-Sky Is The Limit.

Romy comes with her mom on a shopping spree, looking for just the right vintage handbag. ‘In a Chanel is an investment, which is a small handbag that can easily be four thousand dollars.’
The player will be hard when he’s on, his grandfather was speaking. “It’s too hard, he has everything you have been through, up to the 30th of march. March 30, do I go on with my helmet and all over the place.’
Jopi has a troubled childhood to be known): his father. At fifteen, he joined his brother-in-law live, and that he was right to be hard work. During a visit to the site is given Jopi is the answer. “He is from the seam being worked,” says Katty.
For Frederick, on his business, it’s time for a visit to the grave of his wife. “I try to get as many as possible will come along and once a month with new blooms.’

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