Cirque du Soleil is coming back to Brussels by KOOZA

e663cdbcf7296a8631f23a95fb08c772 - Cirque du Soleil is coming back to Brussels by KOOZA

The iconic blue-and-yellow Grand Chapiteau and the Cirque du Soleil will launch in the fall of 2020 to be built in the centre of the spectacular show KOOZA. The show, performed in 25 countries and 72 cities in more than 8 million people in the rapture, and is now, finally, to the City.

With KOOZA™ as it returns to the Cirque du Soleil returns to the origins of the story. It is a combination of two circus traditions: acrobatics and clowning. The show will explore the physical limits of the human in all of its splendor and fragility. It is a colorful mix of pure slapstick comedy.
The show is set in an exciting and exotic visual world full of surprises, waaghalzerij, courage, bravery, and courage. The name of KOOZA is based on a “koza” in the Sanskrit language, and means “box”, “case”, or “treasure,” and was chosen because it is the image of a “circus in a box” is one of the underlying concepts of the production.

The entire group of performers and crew of KOOZA is composed of 122 people, with 24 different nationalities. In Brussels, there are more than 100 local people to take care of the production, safety, service, and more.

Tickets available from Wednesday 4 march to