Buddy Vedder sees social media as a ‘must’

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Buddy Vedder sees social media as a ‘must’

03-march-2020 08:11
03-03-20 08:11
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Buddy Vedder does not benefit from the use of social media. In a conversation with VIVA talks to the actor and Who is the Mole?-a participant that he sees it as a “must”.

“I post very little because I find myself not so excited about that, but it’s stupid to have your socials the way to do it,” said the 25-year-old presenter is in talks with the leafs.

Using social media to get a ” pearl jam with what people think of him. Even though he’s not too sure he has been since he was in Who’s the Mole? sit still, and so on, and have a tendency to go on and see what the responses are. “Because Wie is de Mol? I am very new to the public. And then I read what it said. Sometimes it gets to me, especially when I’m not in the mood, but sometimes I laugh about. I don’t think of it: if you say this, you know, to me it isn’t.”