Steven Lambert-covers-Philippe Robert

881554a988d153037c02ad2fe1ba57fb - Steven Lambert-covers-Philippe Robert

After a successful partnership for 2 years with Paco Garcia, who brings in Steven Lambert’s first solo single. The singer’s koost, for the song, ‘Magic’, you will have the opening track to Philippe Robrecht.

The song from the late 90’s, it was more contemporary, but it is the essence of what the song was, I would have to keep. The package is in the hands of Steven, myself , and the mixing and mastering was by Lex’s Big finish.

Honestly? We have been on the covers of mega hits, is in a lot of cases you are wasting a coverartiest of the original. But Steven has proved it wrong. His version of ‘Magic’ should be in addition to that, Philippe Robert to stand. The song was reworked and the number of the unnecessary frills provide. We are a fan of well done by stephen Lambert.