In the front row during the hearings of the Flemish examining magistrates,

d43ace73e96a2105cf58e8a97ea4d0bd - In the front row during the hearings of the Flemish examining magistrates,

The new VTM-programme, examining magistrates, will give a unique insight into the world of crime, as well as how to eight, examining magistrates, in Flanders, it is really to work on it. In the second part of the morning of Tuesday, the 3rd of may at 21.45 on TV, will judge Philippe Van Linthout in Mechelen, belgium, a man that has been accused of drug smuggling in the prison. “I’m not going to judge whether or not you are guilty of something, but I am the judge that has to judge what is going on with you is going to be done in anticipation of the whole process,” admits Van Linthout is the man.

Anyone who has been in the hespendief? In Leuven to get a judge to Danny Mathys for a man to be seen by a winkeldetective in Delhaize, has been found to be the steal of the… ham, and cheese. “With the entrance of walking, I had an argument with my wife about 50. So, I am the cheese and ham out of the band to record it.” The state prosecutor shall appoint the fact of a robbery with violence. To judge Mathys, in order to investigate what exactly is going on.
Affect her Franssens is a judge in Antwerp, belgium. She has a 23-year-old man in his office who has been accused of destroying the furniture in the house. “It is a violation of the criminal code. If you have any other facts of human nature, you will be punishable with the destruction of the property, with violence”, what it sounds like.

Antwerp is also investigating Bie Melis. They will be given to a man that was suspected of trafficking in narcotics. His vehicle was a quantity of marijuana, cocaine and a large sum of money to be found. “People are very creative, and try not getting caught. I’m always happy when we’re able to find it, and that we’re smarter off to have been,” said judge, Melis.