The sixth season of Ex On The Beach: “Double Dutch” is coming soon

4884df9aa99f68a9a40324c76268811f - The sixth season of Ex On The Beach: "Double Dutch" is coming soon

As of Sunday 5th of april every Sunday evening at 21: 30 on MTV to watch the new episode of Ex On The Beach: “Double Dutch”.
Are you ready for a brand new season of Ex On The Beach: “Double Dutch”! This year, eight new singles to the tropical climate of Thailand in order to participate in a state-of-the-art villa. What they don’t know is that this season is full of surprises. Curious to know what they this year, are all waiting for? Then take a look at Sunday 5th of april at 21: 30 into the sixth season of the television series on the ViacomCBS channel, MTV.

In the Former, on-the-Beach-Double-Dutch to leave by eight Dutch and belgian singles, and a heavenly location for a summer full of love. Just as the sparks are flying, there will be an unexpected visit. No one can escape, with the Tablet of Terror and the power of the ex-that have washed up on the beaches of Thailand. Which EX is next?