Teacher’s edition of The Top 40 Hitdossier

29d2233780395111f6814ca5ef116c6c - Teacher's edition of The Top 40 Hitdossier

Some of the Ultratop, today is the day, it was in the Dutch Top 40 for a number of years ago. Who was the most popular album of 1993? Who was the number 1 on your birthday? Those who have had more hits by: Elvis Presley, or U2? And when it was Happy, by Pharrell Williams for the first time in the Top 40? All of this and much, much more in the Top 40 Hitdossier.

Each new game in the series Hitdossier a great deal of attention in the media. Because it has been a long time, it is in the Top 40 Hitdossier of the most popular and widely used book in the popular music! This is the 14th edition, a collector’s item in a small edition, in full colour, and with a leeslint!
In this completely updated edition includes all the singles (11500) acts, with more than 25,000 titles!) since 1965, in the Top 40 have been sorted in alphabetical order, with the date of receipt, number of weeks listed and are in their highest position. Then followed more than thirty lists of o.a. annual summaries, alarmschijven, the most successful music acts, and a titelindex of more than 100 pages.

This is the 14th edition of the Abba and ZZ Top, and Afrojack, Wolter Kroes,, and, L’I – Small, it is an exhaustive and indispensable work of reference for all of the popliefhebbers. The composition of Hitdossier is taken care of by one of the Top 40 ambassadors, a select group of experts, enthusiasts, and collectors, at the behest of the Stichting Nederlandse Top 40.