Reactions after the victory, a-Z in the top match against Ajax

aaee6e47b585b51394786895fa53f2b5 - Reactions after the victory, a-Z in the top match against Ajax

Reactions after the victory, a-Z in the top match against Ajax

01-march-2020 11:56 am
01-03-20 11:56 am
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Good evening and welcome to our liveblog of the Premier league-on Sunday. I am, Robbert van der Linde, and I’ll keep you up to date on the latest news and developments on the Dutch fields.

  • Results:
  • The PSV-Feyenoord 1-1
  • RKC-Utrecht 2-1
  • Sparta-Emmen 5-1
  • Ajax-AZ 0-2

Ajax-AZ · * * * a couple of seconds, geledenAZ can’t resist to put some extra salt in the centre of Amsterdam with wounds in this way.


🙌🏼 Support.
🎶 A better club than this, there isn’t.”
#ajaaz (0 to 2) #a-Z #coybir


AuteurAZMoment of plaatsen21:57 am – march 1, 2020Ajax-a-Z-four minutes ago

Ajax already has more losses (five) than in the entire previous Premier league season (four).Ajax-AZ · 2 hours ago

In AZ, the first club since the PSV in 2004/2005, both of these features in win is a Eredivisieseizoen, and two times zero does. In total, he managed it only three times before (PSV’s two-time, FC Twente for the first time.Ajax-AZ · 5 hours ago

A-Z in addition to Ajax amsterdam by winning in the ArenA
Due to a well-deserved uitzege Ajax-AZ is located next to Amsterdam, reported at the top of the Premier league. In the Dutch soccer legend Johan Cruyff, Arena, open Myron still doing all of it in the fourth minute of the score, and the Alkmaarders the rest of the game watching at the bar. With a messy and sticky at play, Ajax is not due to the tight Dutch defence, go and get an hour and fifteen minutes before the time for the decisive blow, when Oussama Idrissi, a long ball from just joe Koopmeiners, it is best to estimate, and the goal of tilt. Both teams now have 53 points, although the goal difference of Ajax is still better.Features a-Z · 7 minutes ago inthe Past! AZ will win with a 0 to 2-to stay at Ajax, and is in the important points with the Locals at the top of the Premier league. The title in the Premier league is once again fully open, and the attention to detail is exciting.Ajax-AZ · 9-minute geleden90+3′ It takes a little more time to get in shape, but it’s not quite enough for Ajax to take a defeat to them. AZ is going to win in Amsterdam, and the tension in the title is completely level.Ajax-AZ · 9-minute geleden90+1 ” is a Lot of players are now aches, so the game will stop. The injury He seems to be the most annoying, the Former is at the back of his neck go after it with a header. It is, however, Midtsjö that out and replace it with Sugawara.Ajax-AZ · 11 hours ago

Oussama Idrissi lift the ball over Andre Onana and will make the 0 to 2.Features a-Z · 14 hours ago

The balende, Hakim Ziyech enters after the switch, outside the lines, in the direction of the locker room.Ajax-AZ · 17 minutes geleden84′ Huntelaar gets the ball and is a bit awkward in the chest, and not enough time to turn around and shoot them. Ajax has started, and the wanhoopsoffensief in order to get something from this game, but the Locals have more of a need than a young game and a-Z are hard to make.Features a-Z · an 18-minute geleden81 Ten Hag takes in the weak, playful, Hakim Ziyech out of it and bring Klaas-Jan Huntelaar as a crowbar. Ziyech is obviously not able to dive straight for the dressing in. A lot of your frustrations will come out with his own mediocre play in this game.Ajax-AZ · 20 hours ago

Lisandro Martinez and perret neighbour Schuurs, there are, sadly, at once, they are not hindered by the long ball, just joe Koopmeiners, and the goal from Oussama Idrissi.Features a-Z · about 21 minutes ago

The players from AZ to celebrate with the 0-2, all of it will take a while before the declarant’s just joe Koopmeiners at the end Oussama Idrissi is because of the large distance between the two of them.Ajax-AZ · 23-geleden78 Box is careless and gehaaster and then play it. This is in AZ, not on a planetary scale, it looks like there’s still closely related to that of the voltage in the Premier league is completely reduced to it.Ajax-AZ · 24 minutes ago

Serdar Gözübüyük approve the first goal from Oussama Idrissi, following the study of pictures. A few moments later they received another blow to the attacker’s a-Z, and this time, you can also use the VAR there is nothing to change.Features a-Z · 27 minutes ago74′ GOAL in AZ! 0 to 2

On the other hand, touch on for Oussama Idrissi. A far dieptepass of How Koopmeiners surprised at all the Features of defence and the bouncing is good for the left, the ball, and then cleverly about André Onana to go tilt, and the game seems to be to make the decision.Features a-Z · a 28-minute geleden73 The best chance for Ajax in this moment. Tagliafico is the highest for a corner and sends the ball into the far corner. Half the ArenA is already thinking about a goal, had it not been for Bizot, the ball just under the crossbar wegtikt. Also, at the next corner, is the headline in the Ajax-full-on-purpose, but now it is going to be in favour next to it.Ajax-AZ · 29 minutes geleden73 ” The pressure is on Ajax, it is getting bigger and bigger. The ball remains at the feet of the Creek, after an inswinger from Ziyech, but the Lioness throwing herself at the last moment, the attempt by the midfielder.Ajax amsterdam-AZ-a 30-minute geleden71 Now, it is the Blind who gain from the distance, and the second will produce the best attempt so far. Due to the difficult encounters have Bizot, all the effort to get the ball under control, but he is able to do so.Features a-Z · a 31-minute geleden69′ a counter from a-Z with a speed Usain Bolt is jealous of, it would have been. Stengs intercepted a weak ball in from Blind, and the launch Idrissi. That is, in turn, meesprintende still doing it, but in the rush to see his marker on the roof of the goal to end up.Ajax-AZ · 33 minutes and geleden68′ Ziyech is not very good in the game, as witnessed by this shot distance, more than about. How long to wait for Erik ten Hag to another person?Features a-Z · 34 minutes ago

Ajax is looking for even more of the attacking, but it’s really not-of-this-chance. In the end, it is largely improvisational whims.Features a-Z · 37 minutes geleden65′ Goal in AZ’s frowned upon! Serdar Gözübüyük is the value at risk is asked to view the video yet, take a look, and see a case that is still doing it, indeed, hands. The goal of the AZ, so not, Ajax is still alive.Features a-Z · 37 minutes geleden64′ The roman look, as if still doing it, in the run-up to the goal, no hands have made.Features a-Z · 39 minutes ago –63′ GOAL in AZ! 0 to 2

The attack of the a-Z seems to be getting bogged down, but Calvin Stengs keep the ball in. He is sticking with the live Jonas Svensson, path, whose cross by Oussama Idrissi flawless is binnengeschoten. This decision is in this game?Features a-Z · 40-minute geleden61′ Ziyech is clearly not happy. The champions gesticulating violently with his team-mate, when none of them are standing on the very spot where he had a free-kick to put down. He has made it clear that the connection has not yet been found, since his return.Features a-Z · a 42-minute geleden58′ Stengs dribbles to the inside, and the space to get out of it. His shot, however, is tired and is going to be high on, as he had to be more to do.Features a-Z · a 44-minute geleden56 Box combines most of the air from the centre of the AZ defence, but Bizot meets the ball just before Tadic to be able to print. The Locals put up the Alkmaarders further and further back, leaving plenty of room in the back.Ajax amsterdam-AZ-four-hour geleden54 For the first time, report a-Z is half the area of Onana. Idrissi surprised by Dest to the outside to cut in and shoot with the left. In a flash of Onana be with his legs, avoid the 0-2.Ajax amsterdam-AZ-one hour ago

Myron still doing it gets to just before half-time, a great opportunity to have a second goal, but Andre Onana has been flying with a cat in the corner and keep the ball out of his goal.Ajax amsterdam-AZ-four-hour geleden51′ Ziyech reached, Tadic, with a far-off ball, but the Serbian is too much to be hindered by a Lioness in order to aim to the head. The central defender, a-Z, and the point of Ajax is to fight to fight these off.Ajax amsterdam-AZ-four-hour geleden49′ The come up Schuurs decide to give it a try, but have been pedaling technique will leave him somewhat in the lurch, and his dedication is next to it. Ajax, however, with the clear intention of the dressing room, and came to the north, from a-Z started.Ajax amsterdam-AZ-one hour ago

One alarming statistic, for Ajax is: Ajax did this season and only once in a race in which they are at rest, left behind, stood out against FC Twente (2-6). Anyway, it took Ajax in this season’s only two time points in a Premier league match where they are on the competition team.Ajax amsterdam-AZ-one hour ago

The ball is rolling once again, in Amsterdam, the netherlands. You can Ajax in the match, reversing it, or going a-Z in the points come to the top of the Premier league?Ajax amsterdam-AZ-one hour ago

Hakim Ziyech signals, but the redirect still does not. That is why Ajax is no gap in the Dutch defence and managed to save it.Ajax amsterdam-AZ-one hour ago

Peace of mind! AZ is looking for in the locker room with a narrow 0-1 lead eventually to Minutes. There is Myron still doing it after four minutes, all are responsible for this, when he made a mistake by Daley Blind afstraft. Ajax in the remainder of the first half and more possession of the ball, and the game is set in the half-a-Z, and the Alkmaarders be dangerous with some fast-paced counter-attacking.Ajax amsterdam-AZ-four-hour geleden45 In the tegenstoot has it still doing it on his second hit, to punch, but don’t underestimate how quickly Onana in the corner. For the second time, guards for the Ajax keeper to his squad to have a larger gap.Ajax amsterdam-AZ-four-hour geleden45, ” A sharp man of Ziyech’s been all along, the brow of the valley. If the sides of a nanosecond earlier, in a headline, he is the ball is rock solid inside.Ajax amsterdam-AZ-four-hour geleden41 ” The flame hits the pan, as well as Ajax continue to play as Stengs, injured on the ground. Lioness decides to use the game to shut down by Tadic, hard to knock down, to throw, and after a defined earthquake. Gözübüyük lost on the cards to the players, only a-Z assistant Marino Pusic is on the bill, because he has to complain.Ajax amsterdam-AZ-four-hour geleden38′ Tagliafico, is firmly suspended by a Lioness when he is at a deep ball, He is willing to take on. The ArenA is crying out for a penalty, but the arbitrator Gözübüyük wants to have anything to do with it.Ajax amsterdam-AZ-four-hour geleden36′ Eiting try it from a distance, while he and the ball had better be able to pass on the rise in the Tagliafico. Ajax is, at times, it trusted fast more to see, but it shines even more in making the right choices at crucial moments.Ajax amsterdam-AZ-four-hour geleden34′ a-Z can agree with an attack build, and it is very dangerous. The White shoots from the edge of the penalty area and right next to the crossing and with a clear shot, where are Onana only have to look at.Ajax amsterdam-AZ-one hour ago

Quincy Promes will be dealt with in a risk of injury. The former, of course, is only just back from a hamstringkwetsuur, the question is, how long it will last.Ajax amsterdam-AZ-four-hour geleden31 ” The kansjes for Ajax, it follows that more and more quickly, on the other. He’ll get a goal from Ziyech, on his foot, but shooting the ball is just about at the top of the ArenA.Ajax amsterdam-AZ-four-hour geleden30, ” A good man of the Dest falls on the head of Tadic. The Serb does not seem to be aware of how much space he has, and reads a little about it. Ajax calls, a-Z, but it should continue to be wary of the counter.Features a-Z · a 2-hour geleden26′ He has just as fond of patience, and more, and try to Bizot, from a distance, to surprise the goalkeeper from AZ to see the low and moderate gemikte shot from the Former by far, to arrive.Features a-Z · a 2-hour geleden26′, and The game is still for a moment for an injury treatment in the Promes. For the attacker to Ajax and have a lot of pain, but it may be the game for the time being, carry on.Ajax-AZ · 2 hours ago

That is, the AZ edge, which is not surprising when you look at the statistics. The Alkmaarders now have two of their 24 Premier-league-matches the lead character, the most of any club. Ajax and Feyenoord follow-up with eighteen.Features a-Z · a 2-hour geleden22′ Onana keep Ajax alive! AZ is coming up fast in the tegenstoot, and then Idrissi airport, the instormende Midtsjö to find. The Cameroon keeper, preventing the team here at the greater disadvantage is due to himself as a young lion to get the ball rolling.Back to top

Image: A Pro-Shots


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