Buurtpolitie-actress in-depth look at Fortnite

bb3d69d0e6b71a82004cc4580114d6b6 - Buurtpolitie-actress in-depth look at Fortnite

Charlotte is in The Groove we know as the police inspector She is out of The Buurtpolitie, however, the actress announced on social media that they will soon be on the shelves with the theatrical performance “Level 10”.
On the side, He Motaffaf (4eVeR in the result), the duo will walk in the shoes of the Ina, and, Radim, two of the players. “For anyone between 12 and 16 years of age. At the end of april, in the fakkeltheater, then it may be in your school!” says Charlotte De Groof in Instagram.
The plot sounds already exciting, and completely caught the world’s youth: “With the Ina, and, Radim! Two of his friends who, together, Fortnite will play to the Ina a new game comes out. From then on, it is no longer what it was. What is the truth? How far would they go? And will continue to be Unresponsive, and Radim friends?’
The Level 10 comes with the backing of the city and is a production of Theatre-A-to-Z, theatre, schools, and cultural centers, with a particular focus on young people and other vulnerable groups.