Natalia is doing it with a partner in Beat, and the VTM

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If it fails, then it’s not my fault, it’s the hormones.” With the warning that it sends to the pregnant Natalia in the BEAT of the VTM, on Monday, march 2, at 20.35 and her partner Frederick, the pool table in order to assist in a spectacular trickshot, or mind-blowing tricks with several balls at the same time, can be eliminated. Intense concentration is needed to get the ball in his mouth, it’s a different ball strike and the direction of the hole of the pool table to us. Who will get the most stunning blows up: Natalia for the team in the VTM, or the 61-year-old Pete, from Kruisem for the team’s VTM’s?

An eye for detail, and a lot of technology, the Olympic peace and the arts for the public good: that is, it is necessary to have a successful series of trickshots. The challenge is to do to Natalia, in addition to the many, many times that when she was a child her father had when he went ‘cushion’ in the pubs in the area. Now, with his own personal cue for you to be able to work out, which makes the experience even more special. “The initial collision with the cue was ‘boenk’ is in the bull’s-eye. I think that this was mental or something, you can do so with the energy of our father.” Natalia also visit biljarticoon, and a good friend of the family, Raymond Ceulemans, who are the ‘tips & tricks’ with hair to share.

Natalia and peter are, by their coach, Peter Bullen, and mr. Kristof Vermeiren been immersed in a crash course in kunststoten. At home on a real snooker table, plonked, for those who have the most incredible balls you want to ‘pots’ have hours of behind the snooker table, get out there. And that’s not easy when you have a few months to get pregnant.