Madagascar: a learning festival for everyone!!!

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In an adventure with a gang of wacky wild animals? This can be done with the whole family, the musical Africa. The life of a New York city zoo, which is the same every day. What will it be like in the real wilderness? This is the question that zebra is Marty, every single day. If it is a night time finds a way to escape from the zoo, going to be the best of friends, Alex the lion, giraffe Melman, and hippo Gloria with him. What do you do without your best friend, if you come to Madagascar, it is feesteiland of King Julian?
And it is an adventure, and that’s it!!! A whirlwind of energy, beautiful costumes, colorful decorations, energetic music and often humorous lyrics, which flows through the dining room. The Music Hall will ensure that the whole family will enjoy the heavenly feast. Where are the children getting caught up in the story, the parents, can be seen in the great numbers and the double-entendre sense of humor.

A large part of the success can be attributed to the strong cast. Shares of The Fish appears to be born to play the role of Alex. And you recognized the voice as Marty mcfly? That is, when Rogier Komproe popped up years ago and all the studio in order to have a voice in which to speak of it in the film. Elke Buyle and He Avoux to make it four in a complete, both on the field game as well as the vocal.