Couples depart on their honeymoon-in-Blind-Married

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Jonah Hulselmans. He was probably the most nervous contestant of all the seasons of the Blind, are Married. “It was almost a nuclear bomb, that will explode.” On Sunday the 1st of march, the viewers, to witness the fourth and last company of this season, when in-house IT specialist, and a manager, the Best in the tie the knot with Winnie the pooh, 28, a site manager for a pharmabedrijf, coming from the Winch, and may well be the woman of his life. The best on the wedding day is still one important question to ask. Not to Join this time around, however, for an as yet unknown individual. “Who’s been here for me was actually signing up? Because of that, I still don’t know”.

In the third episode of the Blind, Married and leaving all the couples on honeymoon trips. Expert She Vanwezemael are looking for the new set to get them to tell you where the journey is going to go. For one thing, we’ll let all of the exotic destinations. But Their are some more tips of the veil.

“The honeymoon for the couples, not just on their lazy a hole to lie down. I have a plan, after all the activities, in order to bring them closer to each other, based on a number types of love, and bindingshormonen that can be shown is that the people are to each other and to grow. There are a number of hormones that are able to provide in the first instance, appeal, and love it, but there are a few that will be able to make up for the hechtingsstukje in the long run.”