Watch: we need to volksjury eliminate?

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Three of the guests. A very challenging position on an important issue. And Jan Leyers. With the ingredients and try to Watch clarity and exits to be found in the midst of the flood of issues and opinions that we have today about the us going to get it. In this episode, it’s about the sense and nonsense of the volksjury and assisenproces.

Recently, in the process, the euthanasia of the New former world champion, soon to be on the terrorist attacks in Brussels, volksjury in the public eye. Inevitably, there comes the criticism: the N-VA wants to be the assisenprocessen even eliminate.

Bad theater
Topadvocaat, Paul Bekaert has been agreed. For him, it was a assisenproces be bad at the theatre. “The lawyers are arguing in front of the camera instead of to the court of appeal. With the public emergence of camps of believers and non-believers.” There are even buses are invested for the ‘supporters’, as if it were a football game. Bekaert says the jury, even if pseudorechters: a jury in which the case file does not make any sense, you make a decision on the basis of a law that they don’t know it.

“With that kind of thing is to be as good, if not law, in fact, quite the opposite.

Paul Bekaert
“Ever been to a woman and her child in a quarter of an hour-long suffocated him with a plastic bag to a prison term of 26 years sought. The Jury and the assize court gave me 5 years probation.” The chances of erroneous statements in accordance with Bekaert is much larger, with a volksjury: how can you be a member of the jury, after a trial of a few weeks, exactly what a witness or expert, on the first day said?

For a more thorough job
His colleague, Johan Platteau has more than 80 assisenzaken trial, and that he will defend the volksjury passion: a assisenproces forces, judges, and investigators to be more thorough job than they would otherwise, perhaps, would do the same. Platteau, it is hard for some judges in the criminal courts, and the moordprocessen to take over the volksjury will disappear. “I suspect there’s a few of them, the file just barely read it.” The volksjury on the other hand the truth to the surface. As a assisenproces to all the witnesses be brought to prove, and the guilty party is in a week, and have to take a look. If you can do a lot better at assessing who’s telling the truth, and on the basis of the report of an examination that took place several years ago.

“I’ve even had the experience of the public prosecutor’s office at the beginning of the assisenproces a judgment early on, and at the end of the absolution!”