Quality: exciting heldenverhaal with Brussels in the lead role

d18aad3a9a25bfd3ee0a641b65b06aba - Quality: exciting heldenverhaal with Brussels in the lead role

Tomorrow it will get a lot of Ketnetters of the first episodes of the new fiction series Quality. In the Urban Center, in Brussels, to organize the result of an exclusive avant-premiere in collaboration with the Flemish Community commission (cocof).

‘Quality’ is the story of a sixteen-year-old Peter, a seasoned traceur, who, along with a bunch of new friends, like a modern day Robin Hood and his parkourtalent used for the crime rate in his district-to fight against it. The cast is made up of young talents like martin Cop (WTfock), She is Fine, Armin Mola, Ahlaam Teghadouini and Ilias Dennoune. You will also find rot, Inge Paulussen (Beau Séjour) is a part of the cast. The direction is in the hands of the Senne Dehandschutter, Olympia, Allaert, and Anthony English.

“With the Quality we bring to a sentence fictieverhaal in a particular setting. Brussels is very much a part of the family. We will show you our capital city in all its diversity, the opportunities and the challenges that come with living in a big city . The cool dance moves, and the philosophy of parkour, we are embedded in an exciting story out of it. The idea of four teenagers from different backgrounds who are searching for their own identity. ” says Els de Roovers, aanbodsverantwoordelijke Teen

“It’s amazing that this fiction series in Flanders and Brussels, the young people, in a playful way, you can connect to it. So Brussels, the packets will also prove to everyone that their city is, however, nice places in which to live, grow, and explore. Drop in and freerunnen, it is a sport that is becoming more and more popular in our city. For this reason, we, through our sporting facilities, the Urban Center, and the non-profit Circus, Hands-free, that the Brussels-based packets, but also for the Flemish youth, in a safe, supervised environment, can practice this sport.”, says Pascal Smet, college member responsible for Culture, Youth, Sports and Community centres

The “superdiverse Brussels, belgium, is a city blessed with a young population, and for young people, a children’s playground filled with adventure. Keitof that there is a fiction series for Teen was shot. Great that it stadsfenomenen as the nba and the tracers will be introduced. Without a doubt, they will also have a young heart in the Flemish countryside, and conquer. Young people from Brussels are the heroes. And as the city shines with you.” said in Brussels, minister, Sven Gatz, responsible for Education, school construction, and the Promotion of Multilingualism

Quality from the 2 of march, from Monday to Thursday, at about 17.35 on the result, the, and the Teen app. Hoodie is a co-production of the result and at the Hotel Hungaria (the makers of oh.a. A few months Wannabe, and be The Heroes), and with the support of the flemish audiovisual fund/media Fund, the Brussels-Capital Region and the Belgian Tax Shelter measures.