Pack extras needed for the film, Zillion

315c674557d11d2eebe383346b91b01a - Pack extras needed for the film, Zillion

He’s on his way, the film is about the legendary disco club Zillion. The Antwerp-based nightclub, which for many years was the place to be. Before the arrival of being a recording under the direction of Robin, Pront, is looking for a lot of precious people. So, if you are looking for among other things tickets, beneleden, hot, men, and women), a nurse, a warden, drag queen, trapezist, firebreather, and so on. If you want to really shine on the part of, among others, Matteo Simoni, then you’re going to get to and, if you sign-up quickly.
Those who know the glitter you will be able to do it on the big screen.