Jacky Lafon would He Av to cuddle

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Jacky Lafon has an unexpected bond with a Down-The-Road, it’s the one program by using Dieter Coppens. In this season, we will see the 28-year-old Gitte Wish to show up once, she was the foster-child of Rita (Jacky Lafon in the Family.

Jacky Lafon admits that she is a big fan of Down-The-Road. And Dieter Coppens,” she adds, in a TV Family, “is How he interacts with those guests… and That’s just great,” says Lafon.

Jacky Lafon has two family members with Down syndrome, and thinks it’s great to see how Down The Road as well as the Flemish people have learned to look at people with down’s to look at. “I would, He would have to meet in order to give him a big hug and tell him how much respect I have for him, I did,” and reveals to Jacky Lafon in the Family.