Dennis Black Magic is strictly a top for a Black-Zaturday

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What are the well-known political stand up up to now in the famous Zillion-tapes”, and which companies were there on a Sunday, literally on their knees for a media career. In this response, we still need to wait for that. Until when?” The point is that Dennis Black Magic and the biography “The Magic of Dennis’ will. That is, the biography will be published by Mediageuzen.

But, Dennis has been known as a “teaser”. “The headline ‘VTM News, running resignation, He Lataire back, he is editor-in-chief’ and after the release of his bio, is a turning point to know”. The bio says Dennis is open about an incident in 2007, when Nicolas to him in Prague on pornoset and visited.

This past Monday, Dennis Black Magic is well-known that he was using porn to stop. A few hours earlier, was there an e-mail in the direction of FOUR, stating that he will not be able to have a camera crew followed the wanted to be. According to Dennis, is to be there for a while, the threats made, and he knows who is, and that’s the only thing, according to Dennis Black Magic is a criminal investigation at this guy. Dennis, Black Magic, to let us know that he is (reluctantly) in a criminal charges filed by the public prosecutor’s office. Today, the long-awaited press conference of the movie ‘Zillion’, which Dennis is played by none other than the steracteur Matteo Simoni in the film, the academy award-nominated director Robin Pront. Also, Dennis will not be present. He has to know that he was honored to feel it.