Ajax has a lead in two more goals against Getafe.

6c3b6594c40084004aaf4eb1acc05be1 - Ajax has a lead in two more goals against Getafe.

Ajax has a lead in two more goals against Getafe.

February 27, 2020 18:13
27-02-20 at 18:13
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Good evening and welcome to our liveblog of the Europa League! We are Robbert van der Linde and Jeroen van Barneveld to keep you up to date on the operations of AZ and Ajax in the European clubtoernooi.

  • The Europa League
  • The first knock-out outronde
  • LIVE:
  • Ajax-Barcelona 2-1 (round: 0-2)
  • Results:
  • LASK-a-Z 2-0 (round: 1-to-1)

Ajax-Barcelona · * * * a couple of seconds, geleden81 ” The slotafse has finally come for the Dutch soccer legend Johan Cruyff, ArenA. Ajax has a magic all its own in the form of two goals, the need for a European switch-off to prevent.Ajax-Barcelona · 5 hours ago

At the Hag, seems to be praying for a good outcome. It is questionable whether or not it will work, but at the moment, Ajax are trying to get to the bewerktstelligen.Ajax-Barcelona · 7 hours ago

Carel Eiting puts the free-kick Ajax in the lead, it will bring in. The Locals even more than that?Ajax-Barcelona · 9 minutes geleden73′ Dest thinks, to his horror, an own goal, but with a lot of delay, the flag is up for offside. Ajax is going to have aanvallender for Klaas-Jan Huntelaar comes in.Ajax-Barcelona · an 11-minute drive geleden71′ Pole in Barcelona! For the third time in this match Ajax amsterdam was only saved by the woodwork. This is Maksimovic, who is already sliding from the first to the ball, and for him, Onana will send, and the post on a Spanish goal in common. The Locals talk about luck, nothing to complain about in this game.Ajax-Barcelona · an 11-minute drive geleden70′ Deyverson is going to end in Barcelona. In order to show just how much they will ‘miss out’, the Ajax-supporters of the attacker, and a fastening flute concerto with them. Deyverson is responding with a sarcastic tone applausje, for the time being he says is still the best.Ajax-Barcelona · a 12-minute geleden69 ” The pressure is on Ajax, with the goal of Barcelona is constantly growing, but none of the Locals will have a distinct schietkans. The greatest option is to Eiting it, but he must be a very difficult curse to perform it with his lesser foot.Ajax-Barcelona · 15-minute geleden66 Blind is given the first yellow card for a rest for a violation of Arambarri. The midfielder from Getafe takes advantage of this opportunity to take a rest until the next day, and this is a half minute walk to the centre.Ajax-Barcelona · 19 minutes ago –63′ GOAL, and Ajax. 2-1

If it doesn’t open the game, it’s only a free-kick. Something like this should be The Eiting thought, just before he was Ajax fine on voorspong up. The free kick is in front of the goal, but it is running really in the far corner, but also because Mathías Olivera, the ball of light concerns. Two goals from Ajax is required.Ajax-Barcelona · 20 minutes ago

In the back of the Quincy Promes in the Year. At the moment, vleugelspeler his team are not yet in from the cold draw, though, at Amsterdam’s busy though.Ajax-Barcelona · 23-geleden59, ” There, now for the first threatening moment of the Ajax after the rest. Promes swing the ball in front of the goal where Tadic’s kopduel of his direct opponent wins the game. As the ball skims over the bar, but that’s how it should so be.Ajax-Barcelona · 26 minutes geleden56′ the Agent has passed from the last storm in Onana, but the Ajax defender is the time to try and stop him. Ajax gives you more room way in the back, which provides a countermogelijkheden of the Spanish armada.Ajax-Barcelona · 26 minutes geleden54′ Damian will be the basis of Promes in his face and screaming, to the ground. A few moments later, Nyom, at the foot of the valley, which also Features his on the ground level. The referee Sidiropoulos was very busy with it, but it keeps the cards in his pocket.Ajax-Barcelona · is a 28-minute geleden53, ” It is still not fluent in Ajax after the rest. The team will have to get used to the transformations, which the rest have been done, and that makes for some misunderstandings, like the one here at the Dest, and Gravenberch. The right back will be the he and his in-depth aanspelen, but that will stop right at that moment with a walk.Arsenal fc-Olympiacos · 29 minutes ago,53′ GOAL to Olympiacos! From 0 to 1

Immediately, Arsenal will also be a European debacle? The floundering club in London and will be coming home season against Olympiacos. At this stage, there should be an extension to it.Ajax-Barcelona · 31 minutes and geleden51′ Tadic will be a would have landed Promes to be able to launch it, but it is the defense of Barcelona, the at the time, and intercepted a pass from the Serb, who is still a shadow of the player he was last season in the Champions League was made.Ajax-Barcelona · 36 minutes and geleden46′ get The ball rolling again in Amsterdam, as Ajax three goals to make, and it’s a miracle to accomplish? Erik ten Hag has, of Quincy Promes brought on for goalscorer Danilo Pereira, Barcelona is still the same.Ajax-Barcelona · 37 minutes ago

Jose Bordalás are looking for, just like the players the edge against Ajax.Ajax-Barcelona · one hour ago

Danilo Pereira’s listening to his basisdebuut for Ajax with a goal, which they decide to take him, at least not anymore. If he was real, a living legend, it wants to be, he will be there after you rest a few more need to worry, because the Locals will have another three matches to go to the eighth-finals.Ajax-Barcelona · one hour ago

The arbitrator Anastasios Sidiropoulos does, his reputation is quite true. In the Greek, it has been seven yellow cards handed out, two of them interestingly enough, the coaches of the teams. For now, we can not, however, mean that there is any undue traffic or parking fines are.Europa League · one hour ago

It is also the rest of the other late-avondwedstrijden in the Europa League. This will be the score.

  • Arsenal Fc-Olympiacos 0-0
  • Benfica-Shakthar 2-1
  • Celtic-FC Copenhagen 0-0
  • The Ludogorets 2-1
  • Manchester United-Club Brugge 3-0
  • Copenhagen-CFR Cluj 0-0

Ajax-Barcelona · one hour ago

Peace of mind! Referee Anastasios Sidiropoulos will send the teams to the locker rooms. Barcelona has an important uitdoelpunt address by Jaime Mata. Danilo Pereira of shoot and Ajax soon after, on the same level, but the Locals still have a long way to go, in order for the miracle to accomplish, against the dying of the trouble in Spain.Ajax-Barcelona · a one-hour geleden45 ” There will only be two minutes of stoppage time at the. In view of the tijdrekken of Barcelona is that it is not a lot of.Manchester United-Club Brugge-four hours ago,41′ GOAL with Manchester United! 3-0

It’s a shooting gallery in Manchester, for the purpose of Club Bruges, of course. Scott McTominay shoot down neatly on the inside of the ball. The ten of Club Brugge and wait in a failure at Old Trafford.Ajax-Barcelona · one hour ago

Donny van de Beek’s drumming and the crowd at the end. Since then, Ajax is no longer in the vicinity of the goal, and it was very time weggekomen to bet on Getafe in the aluminum.Manchester United-Club Brugge-four hours ago –a 35′ GOAL-Manchester United! 2-0

It has been on and off with the ten of Club Brugge against Manchester United. Odion Ighalo, for the gain from the last minute of the winter transfer, was roped in by the British recordkampioen, it doubles the score for the home team with a intikker an empty goal.Ajax-Barcelona · a one-hour geleden37′ Pole in Barcelona! Once again escapes from Ajax to further damage. Nyom goes Eiting on the right, and it is Deyverson. Who gets the ball is not full, and that is the reason for the bet over the inside of the pole, and back bouncing.Ajax-Barcelona · a one-hour geleden36′ Bar Barcelona! That is where Ajax is a good way! The agent does almost all of its second smart kopduel to winning a corner, but the bar prevents that the mission of the Ajax-totally impossible.Ajax-Barcelona · a one-hour geleden34′ Schuurs makes like a mistake in the build-up. When provided, the one still in strong position, but now you can bet on Deyverson blocked by Martinez.Ajax-Barcelona · one hour ago

It should come as no surprise, but Olivera will this impact by Onana for a while and continue to be. Once again, build up the players of Barcelona in the tijdrekken to an art form.Manchester United-Club Brugge-four hours ago,27′ GOAL-Manchester United! 1-0

Referee Serdar Gözübüyük has his hands full in the match between Manchester United and Club Brugge. He goes red, which is Simon Long, of Club Brugge, and will give a penalty to Manchester United, who are being taken advantage of by the recent strengthening of Bruno Fernandes. The heenwedstrijd, ended in a 1-to-1.Ajax-Barcelona · one hour ago

Danilo just want to be hit fast, hit the ball on the center spot, but it avoids the champions league this small is by the ball and stick to it. Both of them will be this flurry of yellow.Ajax-Barcelona · one hour ago

Last week, we had Ryan Babel, who was rolling, and now it is Erik ten Hag who is his colleague at Barcelona just around to let you know how he is about him to think it is.Ajax-Barcelona · a one-hour geledenDe second half from Danilo Pereira are in the picture.


JAAAA! Ajax is doing something. It’s Danilo who is doing it. Three more to go, #VTBL #UEL #AJAGET


AuteurVTBL ⚽Point of plaatsen21:11 – February 27, 2020Ajax-Barcelona · a one-hour geleden23′ of The game after the two early goals in a match is a huge mess now. The players of Barcelona will continue to do everything in the game is for a list system. The Locals go there will be something better than in Spain, but that the results in spite of a veldoverwicht not possess opportunities.Ajax-Barcelona · one hour ago

The players of Barcelona, celebrate a very important uittreffer in the ArenA.Ajax-Barcelona · a one-hour geleden16 ” as of last week, the players of Barcelona and more on the grass than on top of it. That’s already leading to some frustration, even on the bench. Each of the coaches, Bordalás, and For Hag, get it on with each other on the shaft, and both will be treated to a yellow by the referee.Ajax-Barcelona · a one-hour geleden12′ Danilo directly after his goal, a yellow card following a skirmish with the keepers of Soria, which is also on the bill is. The spain international from Barcelona is going to be on the ball, while the Ajax amsterdam attacker, who was just as fast as they would like to bring the game to continue.Ajax-Barcelona · 2 hours ago there isa 10′ GOAL, and Ajax. 1-to-1

This Is the spark, the hope to be in Amsterdam-a heart set on fire? Donny van de Beek and move the staff to the left and grab the ball. Ryan Babel is not, however, the independent Danilo Pereira, in the second post, yes. What is a basisdebuut for the Former, he is setting the stage for an unprecedented come-back?Ajax-Barcelona · 2 hours ago

Quincy Promes has to re-up with the selection after he or she has fully recovered from a hamstring injury, but will start as Klaas-Jan Huntelaar on the bench. Ajax has quite some scoring power, but to Erik ten Hag to take a risk with Promes, as it is already a risky mission seems to be?Copenhagen-CFR Cluj · 2 hours ago

It is, however, on the evening of Luuk de Jong in the League? The peak starts at the base, near Seville, for a return against CFR Cluj. The heenwedstrijd in Romania ended in a 1-1-draw.Ajax-Barcelona · 2-hour geleden7 Box realizes that there is still a lot of work, it is a goal to make looking for right away in this scenario. The valley runs up to the feet of this small, then Schuurs, the rebound in addition to kogelt.Ajax-Barcelona · 2 hours ago there isa 5 GOAL to Barcelona! From 0 to 1

It seems to be all over before the game and it is started. After a long throw-in remains in the ball hanging in the box by Ajax, and then Jaime Mata, with the ball alongside Andre Onana puntert. Now it should be Ajax, and there is at least four to still be going on, as an extension to what is excluded from it.Ajax-Barcelona · 2 hours ago theKick-off! Barcelona has kicked off in the huge ArenA. Beating Ajax in it to get the 2-0 defeat of the heenwedstrijd then.The Europa League is · 2 hours ago

Kick-off! Also, this is a late avondwedstrijden in the first knock-out outronde of the Europa League in the first place.

  • Arsenal V Olympiacos
  • Benfica-Shakthar
  • Celtic-FC Copenhagen
  • The Ludogorets
  • Manchester United-Club Brugge
  • Copenhagen-CFR Cluj

Ajax-Barcelona · 2 hours ago

As for the ArenA, tonight it is oozing, it is, in any case, of the major League baseball level. True that, later on, for the game that year?Ajax-Barcelona · 2 hours ago

The general public believes in. For the fans of the Dutch soccer legend Johan Cruyff, ArenA waving plenty of flags and scarves, and make an incredible racket.Ajax-Barcelona · 2 hours ago

Erik ten Hag to explain the reasons for his choice, to Danilo Pereira, in. “Danilo is mostly a easy, top player, he has been at the Ajax show. It can be in the forefront, but it is on the side of better. He was in the first half of the season injured has been. However, I haven’t taken anything for a training camp in the united arab emirates. From there, his condition, and now he gets the chance,” said the coach of Ajax amsterdam, who are the reasons as to why Danilo, from the right start, and Dusan Tadic at the head of state. “Klaas-Jan” Huntelaar, and Lassina Traoré have been the real captain, Dusan Tadic, is a little more versatile.”The Europa League is · 2 hours ago

Here are the results of the other matches on the European fields. Highlighted in bold are the teams that are through to the eighth-finals. From Basaksehir-Sporting Portugal, will be extended.

Basaksehir-Sporting Lisbon 3-1
FC Basel-FIRST 1-0
Espanyol-Wolverhampton Wanderers 3-2
FC PortoBayer Leverkusen 1-3
AA Gent-AS Roma 1-1
Malmö FF-VfL Wolfsburg 0 To 3Back to top

Image: A Pro-Shots


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