A-Z due to a penalty on the delay in AL-return-for LASK

ea58fb0419b4804c58a1517aeb3d157a - A-Z due to a penalty on the delay in AL-return-for LASK

A-Z due to a penalty on the delay in AL-return-for LASK

February 27, 2020 18:13
27-02-20 at 18:13
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Good evening and welcome to our liveblog of the Europa League! We are Robbert van der Linde and Jeroen van Barneveld to keep you up to date on the operations of AZ and Ajax in the European clubtoernooi.

  • The Europa League
  • The first knock-out outronde
  • LIVE:
  • LASK-AZ 1-0 (1-1)
  • Program:
  • 21: 00: : Ajax-Barcelona (0-2)

LASK-a-Z · * * a few hours ago

Peace of mind! In AZ, there is a slight advantage in Linz, and it seems to be preparing for an opening goal but a defensive error from the attacker Oussama Idrissi is LASK edge. To the left is caused by a bulky charge is a penalty and that will be seamlessly used by Marko Raguz. AZ has to score to be an extension of the fire to the tow.Malmö FF-VfL Wolfsburg · 2 minutes ago –44′ GOAL VfL Wolfsburg! From 0 to 1

Wout Weghorst with Wolfsburg ahead of a visit to Malmö, sweden. The Dutch striker claims his aanvalsmaatje Josip Brekalo, who last week in Germany, scored in an important uitgoal to a draw. The two attackers will put a mix on it, and then Brekalo for the ball and testing the angle.LASK-Z · 4 minutes ago –44′ GOAL to LASK! 1-0

Marko Raguz shares at the start of the rest of a blow out on the right. The striker then sends Marco Bizot the wrong angle, and use the proper penalty of the LASK. The Alkmaarders are in for a very difficult job and have to score to be playing in the Europa League, but to prevent it.LASK-Z · 5-minute geleden42′ Penalty goal for LASK! An attacker who is going to defend you, it is not a good combination, and Oussama Idrissi leave it here. He wants to be a ball of elimination, but it hurts the Bike hard in its way. A fair penalty for the LASK.LASK-AZ · 8-minute geleden38, ” It is not in the LASK, and thus of the Austrians to their frustrations, to give full rein to the legs of the players on the right. The Alkmaarders access to work on the initiative in the Linzer Stadium.LASK-AZ · 12 hours ago

It’s still not much of Myron still doing it. A-Z trying to be the young shortstop, and every now and then, to be found in the game, but still doing it is still firmly attached to the Austrian hotel chain.LASK-Z · is a 13-minute geleden33, ” He is also known as the Dutch wall is referred to as and so. Goalkeeper Marco Bizot saves excellent place to be close to Marko Raguz, who also scored in Alkmaar, the netherlands. There was the defense of the AZ and there are not very good.LASK-a-Z · up to 14 minutes geleden32′ a-Z is like a hot-knife-through-the Austrian butter. Calvin Stengs, it is the end of a flowing attack, and gets on with his kid left looking at it from, but it LASK-neil Schlager is sitting with his hands in the right corner.AA Gent-AS Roma · 16 mins ago –a 29′ GOAL AS Roma! 1-to-1

It’s Justin Kluivert himself, who, AS rome is a huge shot in the arm that delivers a rapid response to the team of the belgium. The big Dutchman is introduced by Henrikh Mkhitaryan, is a direct competitor to quickly and slides in. Now in Ghent there are two to make, based on the assumption that the Roma will not be rated.LASK-AZ · 19 hours geleden28′ a-Z is creeping more and more out in the open at the Linzer Stadion, but even this is not really a football matter. LASK is that the players in the Alkmaarders is continuously applied to the skin.AA Gent-AS Roma · 20 minutes ago –25′ GOAL of AA Ghent. 1-0

In a setback for Justin Kluivert and AS Roma. The Romans are coming to visit for the AA Gent season through a goal from Jonathan to David, a cross in from the right, cold-blooded binnentikt. Over the two matches, having regard to the Belgians, and the Italians are now right in the balance.LASK-a-Z · a 22-minute geleden24 ” this is a harsh violation of A Wijndal. To the full, it is too late, and after losing the ball and it gets by the opposition. The referee Jovanovic draws the yellow card for the young defender.LASK-AZ · 24-geleden22′ Myron still doing it plunges to the ground after a heavy collision with an opposition player. That doesn’t look good for a nineteen-year-old striker, who, in the past, if only in the belly. It limps to the sideline.LASK-a-Z · a 25-minute geleden21′ required a chance to the right. Myron still doing it send Oussama Idrissi, the depth, and the left has plenty of room to get a first goal is under attack, but he chose to be a man in Calvin Stengs. And it is this eindpass, there is a lack of direction.LASK-a-Z · 26 minutes ago

It’s still a rare moment in the game: attacker, Calvin Stengs, with the ball of the foot. AZ are limited in the time being, to defend, and is looking forward to a fast dribbelkoning with would have landed to use, but LASK has a work perfectly carried out, and does anything against it.LASK-a-Z · a 28-minute geleden19′ over There escapes in AZ at a disadvantage. The goalkeeper Bizot, a tremendous header of the excel Frieser in a cross from the right side of the LASK. A-Z is affected by the aggressive Austrians.LASK-a-Z · 31 minutes ago

These eleven players should be on tonight for a spot in the eight-finals of the Europa League, out of the fire, dragging it to the right. To write a new chapter in the Dutch history books?LASK-AZ · 33 minutes and geleden13′ Calvin Stengs, to be the best player on the team, doing everything possible to get out of the pit to climb up, and make sure to catch a glimpse of the class to see. He was shooting at a distance of only one meter apart. Be the first to move in this direction, from a-Z in Linz.LASK-a-Z · 34 minutes ago

A-Z will be in Linz, the support of a full box. The Alkmaarders the cheers in any case, good to use in the hunt for a place in the eighth finals of the champions League (Picture: Twitter/AZ).FC Porto Bayer Leverkusen · a 35-minute geleden11 ” is a GOAL for Bayer Leverkusen! From 0 to 1

Peter Bosz and Daley Sinkgraven to improve their position with Bayer Leverkusen is still a bit more to stay at FC Porto. Lucas Alario to round off a fluid attack, an excellent finish into the far corner. The arbitration is to adopt the “goal” in the first instance, due to offside, but in the repetition is to show that this is not the case.LASK-a-Z · 40-minute geleden6, ” Well, here in AZ, relieved breath. Wijndal is red which is played by Gotinger find Frieser, with a tall man. To the left, takes the ball at the moment and it seems to be on purpose to be shot, but goalkeeper Marco Bizot watching the games next to it.LASK-a-Z · a 42-minute geleden4′ Midtsjø leaves with a fine header away from a corner kick and found the head, And the White, but has today set out as a phony right-winger, the sight is still on the lock. In addition.LASK-a-Z · a 43-minute geleden3 The show is set in a city tour. Myron still doing it, go with a straight leg in Ranftl, and gets a lecture from the referee. The stakes are clear.Europa League-four hours ago, toKick-off! In Istanbul, Basel, Barcelona, Porto, Ghent, belgium and in Malmö, a beautiful city in Europe, by the way!) the matches are on the road.LASK-a-Z-four hours ago, toKick-off! The ball is rolling in a city tour, and so it is the LASK-a-Z started. The Alkmaarders must have at least one goal in order to make an attempt to do so at the eighth-finals of the champions League.LASK-a-Z-four-hour geledenDe of the players of LASK, and a-Z to enter the field at the Linzer Stadium. The stadium looks as good as sold-out to the line in the first knock-out outronde of the Europa League.LASK-a-Z-four minutes ago

How Koopmeiners was the last of three goals scored by a-Z, all of them from the strafschopstip.LASK-a-Z-four minutes ago, More than half of the 2,600 voters in the liveblog to think that AZ is at the expense of the LASK in the eighth finals of the champions League was achieved.

  • LASK41%
  • AZ59%

AA Gent-AS Roma is one from an hour ago

Justin Kluivert during the warm-up, AS Roma. The Dutch vleugelspeler have had a cold because he is completely wrapped up. At the moment it is 4 degrees in Ghent in belgium.LASK-a-Z-four minutes ago

Conclusion: ‘a Key to victory lies in society
A-Z form, He Finally has let us know that Calvin Stengs tonight against LASK in the society, and not as a right-winger. “The key to victory lies in the midfield with three creative players. And the White one on the right-hand side of their attacking fullback to cope with. We can’t find a second of concentration lapse,” according to the Slot for FOX Sports. “They are also a lot of areas and roads. Calvin Stengs, and Myron still doing it and complement each other, and be able to hit the switch.”LASK-a-Z-four minutes ago

Myron still doing it, it is scored by AZ in the Europa League. The nineteen-year-old striker left for this season, all four times, it’s just the bulbs that are in the European context. Last week, he managed to score only one goal against LASK.Red Bull Salzburg-Eintracht Frankfurt for one hour geledenDeze fans seem to have a problem with the memo is being missed is that the match between Red Bull Salzburg and Eintracht Frankfurt was cancelled because of the stormy weather.

When you turn up for the big match and find out it’s been postponed 😣


AuteurGoalMoment of plaatsen18:27 – February 27, 2020LASK-a-Z-four-hour geledenDe players from a-Z to enter the field at the Linzer Stadion for the warm-up. Still forty minutes until kick-off.


😤 Boys are out!!!
#AZ #lasaz #UEL #coybir❤️


AuteurAZMoment of plaatsen18:16 – February 27, 2020LASK-AZ-one hour ago

The Linzer Stadium, it will be due to the mind of many a BACKLINE supporter. The stadium in Linz, went to PSV eindhoven in november last year with a 4-1 finish against the LASK, and in the group stages of the Europa League.LASK-Z · 2 hours ago

It remains to be seen whether LASK-a-Z all that much. The rest of the night, between 20: 00 and 20: 30 hours, the earth there was a storm in Linz. In August, 130 miles away, it is a orkaanwaarschuwing will be issued. This is why Red Bull Salzburg-Eintracht Frankfurt on your computer.LASK-Z · 2 hours ago

Bureau of statistics: in AZ, has a 27 percent chance of
The bureau of statistics as Gracenote has it in a calculation of the probability of a-Z to reach the next round of the Europa League. On the basis of the results of the past is, LASK, the hot favourite, with a success rate of 73%. A-Z has a mere 27 per cent for the next round to pick it up.LASK-Z · 2 hours ago

The heenwedstrijd in Alkmaar, ended in a 1-1-draw. In spite of the strong winds in the SEA with the Stadium, it was the LASK-storm, the team trainer, He Finally struck. Marko Raguz was, after just under a half an hour with the 0 to 1 and the Z was ready for the kill, but with a used kick from the captain just joe Koopmeiners at the final stage, the roodhemden have to hope for the eighth-finals of the champions League.LASK-Z · 2 hours ago

The referee in the LASK-a-Z, the Serb, Srdjan Jovanovic. For the a-Z has, he is no stranger, as Jovanovic did well for the heenwedstrijd of the Alkmaarder against Royal Antwerp in the first round of the Europa League (1-1). Also, he led Ajax and Lille in the group stages of the Champions League.The Europa League is · 2 hours ago

In the other matches, which is at 18.55 o’clock, come to the Dutch people. Wout Weghorst is, of course, the aanvalsleider at VfL Wolfsburg, Boy Waterman, defends the goal from the FIRST, Eljero Elia, and will start as the left of the Basaksehir, Justin Kluivert is allowed to once again start from the beginning and participate in AS Roma, and, of course, is coach Peter Bosz on the line for Bayer Leverkusen, which Daley Sinkgraven to the full, it is.LASK-a-Z · a 2-hour geledenDit is the setting for the LASK-a-Z, tonight, in the return, in the first knock-out outronde in the Europa League: the Linzer Stadium. The home of the LASK offers over 21,000 visitors.

🏟 Linzer Stadion.
#AZ #lasaz #UEL


AuteurAZMoment of plaatsen17:35 – February 27, 2020LASK-Z · 2 hours ago

Also, the arrangement of LASK, it is well-known. The current front-runner in Austria’s Bundesliga, holds the basisformatie of last week fully maintained, and, therefore, there are no secrets in the a-Z of the trainer’s Time Slot.

Drawing-LASK: Schlager; Wiesinger, Trauner, Filipovic; Ranftl, the netherlands, Michorl, Rider; Goiginger, Raguz, Frieser.LASK-Z · 2 hours ago

Midtsjø back to basics from a-Z
The formation of the a-Z drop in. Compared to the heenwedstrijd in Alkmaar, pays Fredrik Midtsjø back at the base of the trainer’s Time Slot for the return against LASK. The Norwegian midfielder was last week, will be suspended. Rajiv van la parra and Ramon Leeuwin to keep their rise to the Alkmaarders.

Lineup a-Z: Bizot; Svensson, Lioness, Koopmeiners, Wijndal; Midtsjø, De Wit, van la parra; Stengs, still doing it, Idrissi airport.The Europa League is · 2 hours ago

A-Z will kick in at 18.55 pm at LASK in the champions League in the evening at the hall, but we are also, for example, the Bayer Leverkusen, Peter Bosz and Germany Wout Weghorst is to be seen. Here are the other matches that on that date, in parentheses, the results of the heenwedstrijd.

  • Basaksehir-Sporting Lisbon (1 To 3)
  • FC Basel-FIRST (3-0)
  • Espanyol-Wolverhampton Wanderers (0-4)
  • FC Porto, Bayer Leverkusen (1-2)
  • Gent-AS Roma (0-1)
  • Malmö FF-VfL Wolfsburg (1-2)

LASK-a-Z · a 2-hour geledenOm clear your head, to get the players from a-Z in the afternoon take a city tour, made by Linz, the third largest city in the country. They’re also the inspiration for a victory at the local LASK?

🏙️ Check out the pictures from the tour by city tour.
#AZ #lasaz #UEL


AuteurAZMoment of plaatsen14:15 – February 27, 2020Ajax-Barcelona · 3 hours ago

Our reporters talk in this podcast about the F1 test days in Barcelona, and the world CHAMPIONSHIP all-round speed skating in Hamar, and Ajax – Barcelona.Salzburg-Eintracht Frankfurt · the 4-hour geledenDe match between Red Bull Salzburg and Eintracht Frankfurt are going to, tonight, not because of the storm. So, there will be wind gusts to 120 kilometres per hour are expected. If a match is rescheduled, it is not well known. LASK-a-Z, in Austria, is still on as usual.

Due to an impending storm, with winds of up to 120 km/h for tonight’s @EuropaLeague match against FC Salzburg, has been postponed. Further information to follow shortly. #SALSGE #SGEuropa


AuteurEintracht FrankfurtMoment of plaatsen14:43 – February 27, 2020Europa League · 5 hours ago

Ajax is missing from the Johan Cruijff ArenA, and a half a team of potential basisspelers: Hakim Ziyech, Nicolas Tagliafico, Joël Veltman, David Neres, Noussair Mazraoui, and Zakaria Labyad, can not play a role. “Those players are going to Ajax Ziyech in the most to miss,” predicts Van Halst. “It’s not just because of his creativity, but also because he was in the European championships vooropgaat in the far east. Make no mistake about it, how much energy he has, and I just don’t see it as quickly who have the role it should take in tonight.” (2/2)Ajax-Barcelona · 5 hours ago

Van Halst: Box should be stoic at Getafe.’
Jan van Halst is expected that Ajax was in the lift very difficult to obtain, at the expense of Barcelona for the eighth-finals of the Europa League, away. The Locals will be in accordance with the former player of the club’s stoic, must have in order to have a chance to win. “Technically and tactically, Ajax can win from Barcelona, but it is in the mind,” says Van Halst, in a conversation with “They have to be in Spain at that level, is completely in the trapping register.” (1/2)Ajax-Barcelona · 6 hours of geledenDe first to Barcelona fans have been reported in the heart of Amsterdam city.


💙 ¡¡Amsterdam, ya se tiñe the motel!! Noche histórica #AmsterdamAzulona #AjaxGetafe


AuteurMARCAMoment of plaatsen14:07 am – February 27, 2020Back to top

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