Walter Michel: “that, to me, feel free to

Walter Michel: "that, to me, feel free to

Walter Michel we all know as the Pico from the FC to The Champions. Hi there, had a chat with the actor, which is to the lower shore, washed up and only in a negative light in the news seems to be coming out. What is it really about him?

“Today, I am fully accountable to the day to day life, walking around,” it sounds obvious to Michel. Apart from a few physical symptoms, he felt well. If the Flemish want to help you, it may quite a bit of tobacco, alcohol, or clothes to bring. “But it’s psychiatric help? No, at a young age. It’s not necessary,” reveals Michel in the message. “I know I’m toppyschiater. That, to me, feel free to leave, that’s all I ask for,” said Walter Michel.