Popular Fast-playing, on the 14th of november in the Lotto Arena

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With the ‘Reunion’, ‘Lipstick’, and ‘head over heels’, he stood up to 3x in a row, and at the same time, in the Ultratop 50! This guy is not a brake, and this fall he will be in the city’s biggest show ever!!!

He won an MTV video music Award for Best Worldwide Act, and at the beginning of the month, the 24-year-old A Bunch, or Fast-paced, his first Edison award, the Dutch music award as ‘Best newcomer’. The jury praised the film as “the man who, last year, surprised us with his remarkable songs. Swift wrote at a recent music history in the Flanders region, because the Dutch artist, he was the same time with 3 of the Dutch singles to be found in the Ultratop 50: ‘the Reunion’ (platinum), ‘Lipstick’ (black) and ‘head over heels’ (#4) to do so, it is not only good for the charts, they are still a mass will be streamed, watched on YouTube and played on radio and tv. After the sold-out clubconcert Fast at the end of last year, The Leuven-based Services will switch to the guy with 485.000 Instagram followers this autumn, it is still in a higher gear, and will give, on Saturday, november 14th with a grand performance at the Antwerp Lotto Arena. “For me, it’s the biggest indoor show I have this year to enter in the region. In Leuven it was last year and sold out quickly. In Antwerp, the capacity is bigger, but if you do you are my biggest solo gig, not wanting to miss out, my advice to you is to be timely, book tickets,” says the Fast-excited. On Friday, the 28th of February at 09: 00 am to tickets will be ordered.

After completing his studies at the Herman Brood Academy, took Jebroer (as a Child of the Devil’, ‘Go banana’s’) under his wings, the extraordinary musical talent continued to evolve. The career of the 24-year-old A Forest is called the Quick, and took a flight when he went to the gold and platinum are overloaded, the single ‘Scars’ came out, which was good for the first big success in the Netherlands and belgium. In the beginning of 2019, it was Fast, by Radio station Radio 538 was bombed as an “artist to keep an eye out,” and the radio station was the same. It all started with a ‘Down’, a collaboration with the Frenna were required, and that, once again, resulted in a platinum single. With “Reunion,” a song that the popular singer, in a positive way, leaving those with him in the past, had been bullied for his cleft lip, the an absolute breakthrough in the general public. In addition to multi-platinum, hit the single to the no. 1 spot in the Dutch Top 40. In Flanders, the message to the address of the bullies in for a shift, after 22 weeks, the former top-10 single in the us, it is still in the Ultratop 50 and it was very good for a platinum. At the 6-month period of time have more than 14 million people in the videos on YouTube. Marco Borsato, John Ewbank asked, Quick to work, and as a result, ‘Lipstick’, a single that can still be found in the charts, and that’s good for gold….