Hard in Expedition Robinson

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Dennis, I felt immediately at ease in the belgian camp. His team lost, however, in the last experiment, and, at the campfire, it turned out that the triumvirate of John, Ruth, and Carl had chosen him to be home to us. “He was a strong contender for the finals, you hear the sound of it. Dennis feels it is being sewn, and there is a knife stabbed in the back. If the Belgians have together, get out to vote? It Is their choice to do so, tactically strong? Camp North was taken aback by the elimination of the game.

She played together with Liesbet been two of Robinson’s home. May, Dennis is here to change that, or will he be destroyed in Farah’s ‘uithongeringstechniek’? Both of them want to be in any case a full one hundred percent to continue fighting.

Everyone is settled in to his new team. The right balance must be found. There is in the world through the transformation of the island. Thomas and Kevin, are also strong additions to the Camp in the North. They now have a seven-member Camp, in South of the five must be set.

But you can Camp in the North of the physical being overweight can also convert the results in the next test of strength? The merger also will not have to wait for that.

Expedition Robinson – welcome to 20u35 FOUR