The VTM repeat the Greetings…. once again

The VTM repeat the Greetings.... once again

Tuesday night can get you on tv and look for “Greetings from…” with Staf Coppens. It’s going to be a repeat of the first season of the program. In the ‘Greetings from…’ with a Staff of Av will bring the family back to 1993 and is 2017. To 1993 as a Staff Av as 12, according to at least 2017 as the episode when it first aired.

Like the rest of the channels, selects the VTM more often for reps, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s not because of a radio program, to repeat, is that viewers start dropping off significantly. Often this is a repeat from a commercial perspective, a much better investment than a new episode. A repeat of the cost of a transmitter is less than the money, while the inclusion of a new version of any program that is a lot of money it costs. We will be in the future, without a doubt, there are further iterations may be expected. If that is, then reruns of good programs, then the viewer will not complain about it.