Natalia on the Beat VTM: “it is Not fair

Natalia on the Beat VTM: "it is Not fair

Soon, we will see Natalia at work in the Beat, VTM’. During this episode, we will Natalia a lot of trick shots on a pool table in the run. One-hundred-day was Natalia’s time for you to prepare, but that preparation didn’t go as Natalia expected. As well as the other participants, was given to Natalia for ten lessons. As originally passed, which is not so easy. “I thought, ‘I’ve got this, seriously, it’s never going to work!’. But in the fourth lesson, I had the hang of it,” says Natalia in the Day, All of you. Natalia has installed a pool table at home and spending as much time as possible to make her a challenge to get the hang of. “My opponent has spent two hours every day, and I got to there, not at all. I have had gigs, he also had The Voice to prepare it and I’m pregnant,” laughs Natalia.