Justin Bieber, beats Elvis Presley.

feef97848882c852669d604388477f36 - Justin Bieber, beats Elvis Presley.

Tieneridool, Justin Bieber has managed to make it to the 59-year-old record by Elvis Presley, and to improve it. Elvis Presley in 1961 and is the youngest recording artist of all time, who just released her new album for the 7th time on one was in the American Billboard charts. For 59 years, no one could say that the best, Justin Bieber was there last week and managed to get to the age of 25, already his seventh number 1 album in the Us charts for weeks-to score a goal. It was only four years ago that Justin Bieber was once again an album which was, in fact, he had this record a few years ago, and the wait can be a drag.