Year-old Brahim recognition in Pocahontas

fbfcd4805e65c1b67d200c80ebd3dc7e - Year-old Brahim recognition in Pocahontas

The first picture is of a Brahim, as in a World of Powatan in “Pocahontas: the musical” is a fact of life. The transformation of Brahim’s impressive, and it is a long process. Also for the first time, Brahim, his hat and glasses are not needed, and the entire creative process, from the development of a character is close to who. After an hour in the make-up and after set-up, the wig was a time in the future. The verentooi in a variety of colors based on the historic ornament of the American indian, in combination with the corresponding additional color in the makeup have been changed. The producer, James Cooke, presided during a make-over, the credibility of the character. Komstuumontwerper, make-up artist, and kostuummaker to check at each step if everything is still correct. In addition to the verentooi wear Brahim, a large cloak made of skins, feathers, and beads.

James Cooke was enthusiastic about it: “it All looks very authentic. You can only be in the story, just tell it where the images are correct. If I were Brahim and so, we will certainly be able to do that.”