The new single-Loic Nottet

67f2f43ca2a5b2ff4988559942872e78 - The new single-Loic Nottet

The 23-year-old Loïc Nottet released two weeks ago, the groovy new single ‘Heartbreaker’. That same night, he released the song live at the Frequency in Music Awards, where he won the award for ‘Pop’ and the ‘Author / Composer’, in a package that is easy to take. ‘Heartbreaker’ will be out on his new album, and that on the 20th of march is released. You can Loïc Nottet to live to see you on the 25th of april, in the National forest, on the 29th of april, in hall 12 (the Music For the Bricks), June 19, at the Wacolor Festival, 17 of July, at the Francofolies De Spa, July 24, at the Festival of Les Gens d Ere.