The Chelsea defender, He: “Racism has won

f4166b04b2251b2fbe061b975e6f1ff2 - The Chelsea defender, He: "Racism has won

The Chelsea defender, He: “Racism has won

February 24, 2020 at 13:45
24-02-20 13:45
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Antonio Rudiger has crushed, because of the fans of the North London opinion have gone after alleged racism. The defender of Chelsea, claimed in december that he was apengeluiden his head and tossed it, but after an investigation no one was punished.

“Racism has won,” said He to the German Sky Sports. “The terrorists will simply have to go to the stadium to go to.”

This is the first time that the German defender will respond to the survey. The fans of England were in the London derby at He after Son Heung-min, a yellow card was given for a violation of the player’s home.