Vitesse and PSV and to warm up under the closed roof of the GelreDome

b31107eae8e63e23f891c4daed093b43 - Vitesse and PSV and to warm up under the closed roof of the GelreDome

Vitesse and PSV and to warm up under the closed roof of the GelreDome

February 23, 2020 at 12:06
23-02-20 12:06 am
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Good afternoon and welcome to our liveblog on this Premier league-on Sunday! In this liveblog, you can read this afternoon about the developments in the match.

  • LIVE:
  • FC Utrecht-FC Twente 2-1
  • 14: 30:
  • E-THE
  • Vitesse-PSV
  • 16.45 pm:
  • Heracles-Ajax Amsterdam

a couple of hours ago

FC Utrecht zwijnt with thuiszege at FC Twente
FC Utrecht is in a safe place in the thuisduel against FC Twente: 2-1. The Tukkers lead ten minutes before the time was still 1-0 at the Galgenwaard stadium, but will give you an advantage in a couple of minutes of your time. The utrecht residents were given the spelbeeld not have the right to win, but it will be by the victory, of course.5 minutes ago there isa Goal for FC Twente’s frowned upon! Vuckic believes that the 2-2 to shoot after the pass a Long time, but the flag is rightly up.10 hours agowith 86′ GOAL for FC Utrecht! 2-1

What does FC Twente’s away!!! The ball will be after a throw-in from rookie Jonas Arweiler, who will remember for FC Utrecht, the netherlands. It was the Dutch defence, another doesn’t.13 minutes agoin 83′ GOAL for FC Utrecht! 1-to-1

What is a geblunder back at FC Twente. Plezeguelo and blasts the ball to the feet of the Church, which is the schutterende Jeroen Devil passes by. The ball rolls slowly into the goal.20 hours ago

Joy, with Haris Vuckic, who just completed his tenth competitietreffer for FC Twente this season. The Tukkers still have a quarter of an hour to insist-to be the first uitzege in a long, long time to get it.23-geleden71′ Bahebeck (FC Utrecht) is dangerous, and on the other side of it. The shot is next to it. On the other hand, there is a chance for the first time, but he was shot in the hands with a Sweet tooth. In the following tegenstoot, there is a possibility for FC Utrecht, but the Devil saves the day.26 minutes ago inthe 70′ GOAL for FC Twente. From 0 to 1

FC Twente is in the lead! The opinion puts ‘m to Vuckic, who is borderline offside and binnentikt.The 28-minute geleden67′ Emanuelson snatches are good at, even though he is still at risk. He’s hit the ball just to the side of his target.The 36-minute geleden59’ Selahi (Nl) results in a sharp cross, but the ball is just not an actor.38 minutes ago

About an hour of rolling, the ball is in the city of Arnhem. In Short-it makes Joshua Brenet are a basisdebuut, precisely, against his former club.

Drawing Up Short:
Pasveer; Dasa, New Built, Gave Doekhi Some Firm Kicks, Brenet; Tronstad, Tannane, Has; Dicko, Matavz, Right.

Preparation of PSV:
Unnerstall; Dumfries, Schwaab, Viergever, This; Ihattaren, Rosario, Hendrix, Gakpo, Thomas, Lammers.The 41-minute geleden54 Two great chances in a row!! The church (new york) to shoot from close in to the hands of the Devil, and, on the other hand, will get a Long time and a great opportunity. His dedication is next to it.the one-hour geleden48′ within minutes, with the first try of the second half. His shot flies over.the one-hour geleden46 The second half on the road, in Utrecht, the hour ago

In about five minutes it starts in Alkmaar, where AZ-PEC Zwolle, the netherlands. The Alkmaarders there may be a move to Evjen and then Midtsjø back. In the ACADEMY we do not see any changes compared to the previous week.

Lineup a-Z:
Bizot; Svensson, Lioness, Koopmeiners, Wijndal; Midtsjø, Evjen, Van La Parra; Stengs, Still Doing It, Idrissi Airport.

Preparation of PEC Zwolle:
Zetterer; Pole, Lamb, Christmas, From, To Poland, To Hammer; Nakayama, Clement, Strieder, From Sand Dunes, hour ago

It was quiet in the Galgenwaard stadium. Well, it’s certainly not in the FC Utrecht and FC Twente, but the fun is due to all the errors. It is still 0-0.the one-hour geleden42′ Is a very good chance, this time for FC Twente. Emanuelson stuntelt in the back, but Aburjania, shoot in addition to the aim of the football club Utrecht, the netherlands.the one-hour geleden40 The biggest chance for FC Utrecht this moment. Pep guardiola (Nl) is the ball moves in the Region, and that is what brings the keeper’s hammer. Are rollertje via the Twente goalkeeper Devil next to it.the one-hour geleden39 Two kansjes to Peterson’s in a row. First, it will shoot far from the mark, not even a minute later and his shot is touched on. The next corner doesn’t compromise on it.the one-hour geleden37′ After a long period of time, there is a good chance for FC Utrecht. Peterson pulls to the inside and do the same with the right.the one-hour geleden33′ is Typical for FC Utrecht today: there is a space on the right hand side for Gyrano Church, in which a man might be able to set up. Pass by Joyce, it is, however, a lot of that is too hard, and you do not have a hour ago

Dennis, it falls, today at FC Utrecht as a coach, in for the suspended John van den Brom. He looks tentative, sloppy FC, Utrecht, the netherlands.the one-hour geleden24 Sean Klaiber (FC Utrecht) gets a yellow card for an infringement on the Noa and is suspended for the game for his side.A 2-hour geleden22 Church, there is a deep, sent by Joyce. He is trying to be a direct competitor to the chase, but it doesn’t work.2 hours ago

Jeroen Zoet saw that there was just not very good. The goalkeeper of FC Utrecht and the kick don’t miss it after a back-pass. Thankfully, for the goalie that is not a real danger.A 2-hour geleden15′ Goal disallowed for FC Twente. Vuckic, shoot with the left, but he does so from a buitenspelpositie.A 2-hour geleden12′ is A great opportunity for FC Twente. Many of you shoot from far away, but the ball is touched and the is the chance for Vuckic. That explains the width of the free-standing Many, but they will fail. This is where the FC Twente will have a huge chance to win the from 0 to 1, are.A 2-hour geleden11, ” It is a sweet opening in Utrecht, the netherlands. The home team have more possession of the ball, while Twente is in a quick escape.A 2-hour geleden4 The first doelpoging of Bart Ramselaar (FC Utrecht). He will do the same with the left, but the ball goes through to the Twente region, a leg over the dead ball line. The corner from Adam Maher, who won his 200th League match to play, doesn’t compromise.A 2-hour geleden1, ” The ball is in the Galgenwaard stadium!A 2-hour geledenDe players are on the field. FC Utrecht-FC Twente is on the verge of starting.A 2-hour geledenDe players from a-Z to inspect the field’s, in Zwolle, the netherlands.


🏟 Boys are in
🔜 , AZ – THE
#azpec #AZ #Division


AuteurAZMoment of plaatsen12:11 – February 23, 20202 hours ago

A long time TOURIST people to enjoy the ‘way to win’ in the football club FC Groningen
At VVV-Venlo and enjoy them to the full for the good results of the past few weeks in the Premier league. The formation from the province of Limburg, won on Saturday with a 0-1 to FC Groningen, and in the year 2020, it is still a long time. “A long time yet, right? That’s the most important thing. We may be talking about the football, but we have to get ready,” said OFFICE of captain Danny’s Post, and the match Groningen is at FOX Sports. “It’s fascinating for us at this moment in time. It has the last couple of weeks and is not always meegezeten, that is, for example, we did not win, and one point is picked up. These are three of the stolen items, but that may not give a damn.”
Utrecht, the netherlands-Twente region · a 2-hour geledenFC of Utrecht in 2020 is still a long time. The Domstedelingen have won once and played to three times the same. They are currently doing good business in the battle for European football, as the team-namely, this afternoon, to win and Speed lose, from the pitch, rise of the Dutch lads played down to sixth place.A 2-hour geledenJohn of the Hum is in the afternoon, his ‘punishment’ from. The coach of FC Utrecht has been suspended for his tirade last week against the referee, Siemen Mulder. Assistant coach Dennis Her take the honours in the afternoon where it was.

🍞 | Suspended: John van den Brom to take the stand for the period of time for the fans of the football club Utrecht, the netherlands.


AuteurFOX SportsMoment of plaatsen11:57 am – February 23, 2020Utrecht-Twente · a 2-hour geledenFC of Twente, and has been for eight uitduels in a row won the champion’s League. If the team is in the afternoon not to win, rivals to the club, it’s a negative clubrecord of the rampseizoen 2017-2018. When he lost the team, on foreign soil, like, nine times in a row.3 hours ago

It’s been a busy morning for the terreinknechten in the Galgenwaard stadium. Due to the heavy rain, the field is a little extra care is needed.3 hours ago


These are ready for the warm-up. #tweutr


AuteurFC TwenteMoment of plaatsen11:27 pm – 23 February, 20203 hours ago

🌧️ It’s been raining for hours here in holland. Fortunately, there are only lángs the line and in the parking lot to pee instead of on the field.
#utrtwe #fcutrecht #premier league


AuteurFC UtrechtMoment of plaatsen10:36 on February 23, 20203 hours ago

FC Twente will start in a moment, in the match against FC Utrecht by the same eleven names, as well as last week against AZ.

Preparation of FC Twente:
And Be Hanged; Troupée, Bees, Pleguezuelo, Verdonk; Aburjania, Pep Guardiola, Selahi, Long, Vuckic, A Lot Of
3 hours ago

Bozeník after winning on Luck is proud of the first goal in De Kuip
Róbert Bozeník is very happy and proud after his first goal for Feyenoord in the Kuip in Rotterdam. The new arrival from Slovakia, helped the team on Saturday with a 2-1 win at Fortuna Sittard, the netherlands. “I’m very happy with this goal. It was my first goal in this stadium and for our fans around the world. It is very important that we get the three points, having been caught,” said the twenty-year-old Bozeník after the end of the competition for FOX Sports. Bozeník went into the winter break on MSK Zilina and it was at Fortuna Sittard, the netherlands, and just like last week, on a visit to PEC Zwolle (3-4), with the winning hit. The striker is just three Premier league-scored two goals.3 hours ago

A small, one and one-half hours, starts in the Premier league Sunday with a game at the Galgenwaard FC Utrecht and FC Twente. The utrecht residents have to have in the lineup have already been announced. Bart Ramselaar will replace the suspended, Simon Gustafson.

Preparation of FC Utrecht:
Sweet; Van der Maarel, Emanuelson, Hoogma, Klaiber; Ramselaar, Joyce, Of the Area; within minutes, Bahebeck, the Church.4 hours ago

A-Z explains the gun-for-hire Sugawara final
AZ has the option to purchase the contract of the Student Yukinari Sugawara lifted. The nineteen-year-old right back was last summer, the center of Nagoya Grampus and is made in accordance with the Dutch club this season, is a good idea. The Student has a contract until the middle of 2025 to be drawn.yesterday, 23:40

ADO’s captain to the point!: ‘Discord’s nonsense’
ADO Den Haag, club captain, Aaron Meijers, refers to the negative stories about Alan Pardew, to the realm of fiction. “That is the division in the locker room, it is really absolute nonsense,” says the Abstract, after the end of the draw against Heerenveen (2-2) at FOX Sports. “Those guys are really well-adjusted, who are trying hard to do their best. And, I think, is that we, as youths, also has tried to make them at home, and both the coaches and the players. So, that’s a really big load of crap. Well, that and the other players, not the coach, through one door, it is all a load of nonsense.”yesterday around 23:30

About: ‘Padt has already given us enough saved,”
FC Groningen-year-old Danny Buijs will be the defeat of his team against VVV (0 to 1), not pass the buck to The Padt. The spain international is rated as a high-pass is the wrong way and had to ensure that he’s Oussama Darfalou binnenkopte. “This guy, he has given us already have enough saved,” said About in FOX Sports. “He was picked up last week at the Race with a 0-0 and a penalty. High balls, it is an aspect of that, and he needs to be. I am glad that he is not afraid to come out. Today, he makes an error in judgment, because he had not come. But it is the only way to get better at it, this is the kind of stuff to dare, and to learn from one’s mistakes.”yesterday around 23:20

Ultee on penalty: ‘It’s outrageous’
Also, the Fortuna Sittard coach Sjors Ultee, it is not satisfied with the performance of the VAR, with Team-Fortuna Sittard, the netherlands (2-1). Based on the advice of the videoscheidsrechter gave the arbitrator Bas Nijhuis is a penalty to both the Team and the Luck. “As a VAR, it is for the big mistakes,” says Ultee. “Those were just the moments that happen in the penalty area. It is a disgrace. That is not a mere spectator, thought it was a penalty it was, says it all. I don’t think that we’re sewn together, as in the previous week. Our second penalty was nothing to worry about.”yesterday around 23:10

Tomorrow it’s the turn of Ajax, AZ and PSV in the Eredivisie. All four of these races are on a Sunday, on a roll.

12.15 pm: FC Utrecht-FC Twente
14: 30: AZ-PEC Zwolle
14: 30: Vitesse-PSV
16.45: Heracles Almelo-Ajaxgisteren at 22:58

Here are the results from today in the Premier league:

  • FC Emmen-Willem II 4-2
  • Feyenoord-Fortuna Sittard 2-1
  • sc Heerenveen-ADO Den Haag 2-2
  • FC Groningen-VVV-Venlo 0-1

yesterday, 22:52

To publish: ‘Discussion of whether this is something to VALUE
“This is a moment in time that we do it in Zeist, the netherlands, to discuss whether it is right for the value. That says it all, I think,” said the referee, Bas Nijhuis, after the end of the Season-Fortuna (2-1), which is the penalty of the Season for the 1-0. The arbitrator had, in the first instance, pass on with just a light touch of Fortune player, Lazaros Movement to a Feyenoorder, Robert Bozeník, but in the end called by VAR, Sander van der Eijk, in order for the images to be viewed. On the side, and decided to Publish them in the opinion of his colleague. Steven Berghuis took advantage of the penalty.Back to top

Image: A Pro-Shots


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